Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another very hot day

As we all swelter in this horrible heatwave today in N.S.W. all I can think of is our darling Aussie neighbours in North Queensland.

With topical cyclone Yasi about to hit Northern Queensland I pray that everyone is safely out of the way when it hits today. There has never been anything like it in the history of Australia. It is has been up scaled to a category 5 cyclone, imagine a truck coming towards you at 300 km an hour. Just more devastation for Queensland and just after the horrific floods a couple of weeks ago that has devastated so many peoples lives.

There are 1000's of cattle sitting waiting to go on a ship at Townsville to be exported overseas, hopefully they will survive the next couple of days. A cyclone like this will destroy our sugar cane & banana industry and many other tropical fruit crops that are grown there, not to mention what is going to happen to everyone's homes & businesses.


  1. Oh Coty,
    There are so many weather disasters around the world. This is horrible for all affected. Prayers.

  2. Have been watching the news reports from Perth. Terrible times for our Queensland neighbours. Cannot imagine what a Category 5 will bring and horrified to think of the aftermath. Prayers xo

  3. wish I was there if is hot. I love hot weather, but we are freezing here.


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