Saturday, January 8, 2011

Styling tips!

Who said the flowers on a cake had to be edible?
Find some lovely Vintage millinery flowers and stick them on the top and sides of your cake, then dust with icing sugar, I even dust the ribbons as well.

Enjoy and have fun with what ever you do..
xx Coty

All photography & Styling - Coty Farquhar


  1. Oh you must be busy busy busy!
    Please do share more of those styling tips you've got hidden up your sleeve!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    I'm by the fire with my feet up for a change, can you believe it!

  2. Fabulous ideas Coty that cake looks simply beautiful!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Hi Coty, I've been MIA, moving into a new home in Houston, without internet forever it seems.
    So nice to see you in 2011. I'm back full-time to blogging now, I missed everyone so much. xx's


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