Friday, January 28, 2011

Styling & photographing at The Burrows' - Gardens & art with Susan & John Carter

To be without flowers in our lives would be devastating,
to be without Hydrangeas would be even worse.... they're one of my favourite flowers and they're so beautiful!!
These shots below are from a food advertising shoot that I did for a client (and friend) a few years ago and the location was on their parent's property, one of the most sensational gardens in the Southern Highlands called 'The Burrows'

My dear friends, owners & creators of 'The Burrows' John & Susan Carter literally started with a couple of bare paddocks, fired up with imagination and lots of know how, they started building and creating the garden. I remember visiting the garden when it was literally a paddock, and my many visits over the years to to the property there was always something new to see!
It is a sensational garden and open occasionally to the public. John is also an artist and he built his own studio and gallery on the property, and it is definitely well worth a visit click here...... and if you're lucky enough to be in the Highlands when their gates are open you really must drop in.

My favourite spot in the garden the day I was shooting was this front lawn surrounded by these amazing hydrangeas. They were so beautiful to work with and definitely made this shoot! They were the most wonderful colours and huge in size, imagine what they're like now. I really must plan a day very soon and head back out to 'The Burrows' '
Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and peaceful weekend
Aussie school is back for a new year!! Yay... time to get on with some serious work