Friday, January 21, 2011

Hydrangeas in the Highlands

Pretty, pretty, pretty......

I was driving through Moss Vale on my way to my studio this week,

and I took a little short cut through an old area of town,

then I saw this beautiful little blue cottage...

I stopped the car, knocked on the door

and met an adorable lady who showed me around her pretty little old garden,

Happy Friday everyone,

I hope you all have lots of fun this weekend.

xx Coty

p.s. I'm joining in on a new blog party today with the very creative Aussie gal, Sarah from the well known and well loved blog

'A beach Cottage'

for her new party '''' Good life Wednesday''''

Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays

and I'm also sharing these pink hydrangeas with Beverly's

Pink Saturday party at How Sweet the The Sound


  1. Hydrangeas and favorites. What a sweet lady to show you around!

    Happy weekend wishes to you, Coty!


  2. Oh Coty, finally I've gotten back to my blog (moved into a new home & have never been so busy)...the hydrangea is my absolute favorite.
    Sending love.....

  3. Hi Coty, love your blog. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I can't imagine NOT stopping at such an enchanting place. Once, I did the same thing and as I was into drying these flowers at the time, she let me cut some. I went home with an arm load. Blessings Terri. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Such lovely flowers and a beautiful garden!

  5. Me too me too.....I love hydrangeas! Those, sunflowers and tulips are my very fave!

  6. ooooh they are so impressive! wish mine were that good :-)


  7. I want to be in Moss Vale right now!
    The hydrangeas don't even look real!
    Well, ok they do look real but I've only
    seen ones that big in California!
    That sweet little cottage with the beautiful
    blue siding and lace curtains is the
    perfect backdrop.
    I don't know.....are you sure you didn't.
    secretly style every inch of Moss Vale?
    XoXo to you. Miss you.
    It's THAT charming.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday, Coty. I am so glad you joined us and shared these gorgeous hydrangea blooms. I am ready for the growing season to arrive where we live. I like winter, but my favorite season is spring.


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