Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My studio & shop this week

With this new year well and truly underway and the madness of last year behind me I have made some nice new changes to my working day. My shop/studio is now open only "by appointment" and I have been adding many new things from my shop to my on line store which is keeping me busy.

I have also started working on a book for a new client which I'm loving and I'm still trying to finish my own book as well, will it ever be finished?

Please come and visit my on-line store,

I have added a few new things this week including my cards and lots more to come.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

xx Coty


  1. s t u n n i n g... i am off to view your site now.. xx pam

  2. Just been to see your site Coty, love that you're selling your beautiful photos as cards, it's something I've looked into but haven't found the right printing solution.
    How lovely to have a shop that's open by appointment only - sounds incredibly civilised to me, and I'm sure it helps you manage your time well.


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