Friday, December 17, 2010

Romantic Country magazine U.S.A.

Thank you to my darling friend Fifi O'Neill, Editor of Romantic Country magazine in the U.S.A for including me & my blog in her story about bloggers around the world in this month's issue.
What fun to be included with all these wonderful girls
xx Coty


  1. Coty this is very exciting news! And what a fine group of Bloggers to keep company with. Well done & well deserved you!!
    Millie x

  2. Congratulations Coty! Well-deserved, no one spends more time creating beauty to share. Happy Holidays, hope it is wonderful. XO

  3. Hi Coty!!! That's so exciting!
    I'm out to pick up my copy of RCountry tomorrow...
    Fifi featured my barn sale! isn't she the sweetest? What an honor to be in the same magazine that you were featured in!!

    How have you been? Please forgive me for not commenting sooner....(I still follow you :)

    how's the shop doing?? are you selling online yet? let me know okay.....

    Anne Marie
    p.s. Have a blessed Christmas Coty!!

  4. Awesome! How wonderful to be grouped with them. Of course you deserve it as you are in my opinion amazing! Congrats, Fiona.

  5. I'm not a bit surprised! Congratulations dear friend. Another fine example of just how much you are loved and your work is admired in America!
    xoxo Lisa

  6. Just called by to wish you, Andrew & the kids a very Merry Christmas Coty. Have a wondeful day tomorrow.
    Millie xx

  7. Hi Coty
    How wonderful and so well deserved... it is certainly a pleasure to visit your blog and be inspired.. You often bring back very touching memories for me

    I hope you and your gorgeous family have a wonderful christmas filled with love, laughter and good cheer... and wish you much more joy in 2011

    Love the shot of your shopfront!! Hopefully 2011 will be the year I get to visit!! Take care and much love.. xxx Julie

  8. Beautiful just beautiful ♥♥♥
    Hug Elisabeth


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