Monday, December 13, 2010

Little dolls inside flowers in my window

My Shop Window & Studio this week

Every day for the last couple of weeks the little primary school children have been walking past my shop on their way to the swimming pool. So I decided to fill my window with some of my old little flower dolls and clowns just for them.

You should see their little faces when they walk past, I love it!!

Everyone should have fun and I wish all of you a fun filled week,

don't stress over the Christmas rush,

stop and smell some of my paper flowers, some of them have little surprises inside the petals.

Above: In my workshop


for featuring me & my store in her Christmas post today.

I`m a gypsy at heart and loves all things French....should really have been a French gypsy. This blog will be about sharing all the beautiful and creative things I love, while rambling on and putting my very bohemian thoughts to "paper" (Chamara)


And thank you also to the beautiful Aria Done an eclectic by Godeliva for
also displaying my work on her wonderful blog.
read her words.... a very special way to live

My name is Godeliva (in Danish: the good life, from the Saxon: loved by God). I live in the southern Netherlands with my Hubby and I am mother of three grown children ... My passion for life: open ends, freedom and yet lead a disciplined life: searching, studying, meditating and praying.Talk, laugh and at times critical thinking. Life Line: a goal is to bring closer by faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, kindness or love ....." Keep dancing .... what happens ".