Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sitting under my tree, a perfect place to be

I had my first day off from the shop this week on Monday, with nobody at home, just me and I had so many things to catch up with.

But, I was really, really tired.

I thought at first that I should just sleep, then I knew that if I did, I might not wake up then nothing would be done, you know, now that I am a full time working woman (again) in my new shop I have to be very organised and I'm just not a very organised person.

One thing that I have been watching & thinking to myself for weeks was that our lawn was growing out of control, it had turned into a jungle, but then, I actually looked down into our back garden whilst hanging out my third load of washing and I really liked what I saw, a little blessing in disguise, my back garden looked more like a country field and it was to be a perfect little location to set up my table setting for one of my favourite past times, "Tablescape Thursdays" at Susan's blog, Between Naps on the Porch in the U.S.A.

and I know it's Tuesday night, not Thursday,
but if I don't do this post now I won't get a chance to do it while I'm running the shop.

The apple tree had been in blossom for a few weeks and I knew I only had a couple of days left before it was all gone. My wall of Clematis (below) is in full bloom right now and looking fabulous, my May bush is completely covered in white flowers and my Lilac tree was overflowing with buds and I haven't been at home to enjoy it. So, I spent an hour sitting under my tree with my camera, a few props and my flowers........
and it was a very nice place to be!!

It was very peaceful and serene and it was just what I needed.
Flowers, birds and a glass of lemon water, from my own lemon tree of course!
More blessings...

Today, I had two very special things happen, one of my gorgeous old girlfriends from school, Christine and her sister Francene drove down from Sydney to visit me and my new shop and I haven't seen them for over thirty years.
Then, whilst they were in the shop the beautiful Buddhist monks from the Sunnataram Forest Monastery in Bundanoon dropped in to visit me as well and they blessed my shop with their wonderful chanting for nearly a half an hour.

It was incredible to watch and listen to
Thank you Phra Mana

Thank you to every beautiful and special person that have been sending me such lovely and caring comments over the last month. I know, I have been hopeless in writing back to everyone, but I really hope you all know that I treasure each and every message that I get.
As I mentioned above,
I'm really not an organised person at all and I don't think I will ever change. (however, I'm trying!!)
Happy "Tablescape Thursday" everyone and thank you for dropping by my shop and my blog this week.
xxxxxxx Coty


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