Saturday, October 9, 2010

A few of my favourite settings

This week has been really busy with the opening of our new store in Moss Vale and many visitors have been asking me what it is that I do, so I have been introducing them to the world of blogging (our special world) and I know I am putting some stories here in this post that many of you have seen before but I decided to dig out some of my favourite settings for all our new visitors to see.

I always have people asking me where do I get my inspiration from and how do I put my tablesettings together. So I have selected some of my table settings that I have styled in many different homes and gardens throughout the seasons to show that I don't really have a particular style and that I am always inspired by the surroundings and how I feel at the time.
It's quite simply my own self expression and the mood that I'm in at the time.

Lunch by the sea

When Andrew came back from a walk along the beach with a bunch of wild flowers and an arm full of driftwood I decided to do a table setting under the tree. Everything I then looked at around the house was the colour of the sand, straw hats, baskets, driftwood, the gorgeous tall candlesticks in my sister's home, even her furniture was perfect. So what does a crazy stylist like me do when on holidays?
Set the table for lunch of course in the shade overlooking the beach

One of life's great joys is to be with your family and friends around the table and I just don't do it enough anymore, life is so hectic at this time of the year and my family seem to come and go each day that it is hard to find the time to be together. We used to always sit at the table every night when my children were little, now it has moved to the kitchen and we spend more time together discussing recipes and cooking ideas as both my children love to cook, especially Thomas., then they eat and run....

Have a great weekend everyone ... x Coty


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