Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seaside simplicity

Surrounding yourself with wonderful rustic and natural objects

Sometimes it's just the simple things that make a room, I live with so much stuff, stuff being furniture, baskets, objects, paintings, and more...more....and more and it's really hard some days to keep it all organised. Mind you, I do love my stuff, well I really should say my possessions, I just wish I had a bigger home or that I was more organised, although my son would say, Mum, if you had a bigger home you would just fill it with more. It's true, I think it is being a stylist and a collector and having a husband who is also a collector. Hmmm...and I think my two children have the bug as well. When we spent a few weeks away on our summer holidays earlier this year I was immediately able to relax as the seaside homes that we were in were simply beautiful, uncluttered and very elegant.

I felt at ease instantly upon arriving at the beach, these images are a mixture of two different homes that sit side by side over looking Pittwater in Sydney Northern Beaches. Both are completely different style homes, one, an old Aussie style beach shack, the other a modern split level home. But both gorgeous and the owners definitely have the knack of making all their guests instantly feel at home.

Creating an atmosphere emanates from a person's nature and the surroundings. Collecting old things over the years that have been left on the beach has created the look and style of these homes, old ores, driftwood, shells and worn and weathered timber. Framed little drawings & paintings that have been sketched by relaxed guests over the years have pride of place in the bedrooms. Comfortable chairs and big sofas are in both homes and are a must in a beach house to have that afternoon nap.

and a huge welcome to everyone from Tablescape Thursday


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