Monday, August 2, 2010

My little flower friends are back

Although we're still in the midst of winter (especially today) my beautiful little friends have returned to my garden.

Hellebores & beautiful bulbs have just suddenly appeared in my winter garden & whilst travelling along many country roads this weekend I couldn't help but to slow down and look at all the bursts of colour coming up in paddocks and on the side of the road

and can you believe it... I also saw some blossom.....

So, I have decided to celebrate this week with all my favourite flowers here on my blog.

There will be many more to come......

Have a happy and wonderful week


xx Coty


  1. Dearest Coty
    I've so missed visiting your glorious posts. they always lift my spirits.. with the move.. and my darn internet practically useless.. i've been one very absent blogger.. Just looking back on your old posts too.. Happy Birthday to your big boy!!! and those Vanity Fair illustrations!! superb!!

    These flowers are gorgeous dear Coty.. as is your beautiful shots!! ... both remind me I can't wait for spring... xxxx Julie

  2. I imagine it must be breathtaking becos I know how gorgeous it was in autumn last year when I couldn't stop ooing and ahing and just wanted to live there. Fiona


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