Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hand carved French flowers

Celebrating a week of flowers

Recently we had these beautiful old French lights in our workshop for restoration. I was so drawn to them, I fell in love with the simplicity of the flowers that had been hand carved into the most wonderful little shapes and sitting on beautiful long wispy brass leaves. Andrew had to carve quite a few new flower heads to replace some of the missing flowers. I was secretly hoping that our client might have forgotten about them and left them with us forever.

Unfortunately not!!

Flowers on my mind - This morning whilst I was meditating, and for those that meditate often, you will know what I mean when you send roots into Mother Earth to ground yourself, well, I was sending the roots down into the earth and visualizing how they were spreading out through my garden and beyond and then suddenly, into my mind (my funny little mind) the roots came back up and flowers were popping up through the ground everywhere just like these.

I know, Coty's going crazy, yes, maybe,

but it was very pretty and I think I will need to paint it one day.

Have a happy day,