Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stone cold - Winter in the Highlands

Wishing you a wonderful week xx Coty


  1. if that's winter, I'll take it .... compared to Chicago that would be heavenly

  2. Hi Coty, darling...when it simply SO hot here in the USA, it's difficult to even imagine anywhere cold. I'm going to Seattle to cruise around Puget Sound for a long weekend coming up, and it's like 75, so the coolest place in our country now. sending love...

  3. Coty - beautiful post as always. Makes me miss the winters when we lived farther North in the States. Wanted to say thank you as well for inspiring us with your on-line store. We discovered BigCartel through that posting, which is a whole new level of ease in on-line commerce. You're a trend-setter as always. Hope all is well, and keep up the wonderful and inspiring work.

  4. Coty, Love the cows, love it all! Looks like California.
    xo Susan

  5. Simply stunning!
    Loving this time of the year, though Winter feels particularly long this time around for some reason.

    So happy to find your blog!

    How can I subscribe? Would love to get your posts in my mailbox!

    x Charlotta


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