Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday my baby boy

I don't know where the last 18 years have gone, I feel like it was just yesterday when you were playing in the garden.

Happy 18th Birthday my darling little boy

I don't think he has changed that much!! do you?


  1. Happy happy birthday Thomas! Our family sends you best wishes for a wonderful 18th! As you celebrate, have great fun, make wonderful memories, be safe & be a gentleman!
    The Porter Family

  2. Happy Birthday to Thomas! Coty, this is wonderful for you guys. And, he is so goodlooking! You need to hide him away for a bit longer. I know exactly how you feel. My son was 10 years older than my daughter, so it was like having 2 only children. Love you, cookie...

  3. Hasn't changed much at all, if you don't count the additional pounds. ;) Congratulations on the milestone.


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