Thursday, June 3, 2010

Party time - A blast of colour

Today it is wet and cold here in Bowral and so was this event that I designed and styled for a television station here in Australia for a corporate lunch many years ago. Yes, a corporate lunch for 120 guest at the races.
It was pouring with rain all week, I worked in gumboots each day as I delivered everything and set up the tent. But the only thing on my mind was the colours that I was working with.

I wanted to do something totally different, fresh, happy and full of fun I decided to bring in the flavour of the sea to a very country setting. Why? I can't really remember, it may have had something to do with my children's paintings at the time. I get inspiration from everywhere. My brief from my client was simply, let's have fun, Coty.... go for it, do what ever you like.....

I was inspired by the colours of goldfish, star fish and all the fabulous colours of sea. I found really cheap bright blue bolts of fabric for the tables. I painted 20 metres of white sheeting fabric with blue swirly lines for the walls. Which believe me took forever. I made some rather crazy looking fish that I attached to the backdrops, which I should have asked five year old children to paint for me, they would have done a better job. But it was fun making them !!!

I grabbed everything that I passed in shops that had bright colours, boxes, plants, coloured pebbles for the fish bowls (yes real little fish) and whilst hunting through a fabric shop I came across hundreds of colourful tea towels with the same sort of painted styles as my backdrops. I cut them all up in half and made napkins out of them.

I even found some fantastic blue water bottles for the table. I bought twenty blue and white striped salad bowls as well for the food tables, which sat on my favourite yellow and white striped fabric. I only had a little roll of this fabric, just enough for some more colour. The food was fresh and also colourful.

I sewed together some fantastic coloured calico into sails trimmed with colourful binding, secured them onto a timber dowel and had them standing in little yellow and white striped pots that I painted on the food table. From a distance, it looked like they were just sailing by.

It was really simple, really easy and it really didn't cost that much to put together either.

Anything is possible - Just have fun ... I hope I have inspired you to create your next party.

and the people at the party were just as glamorous as these wonderful vintage illustrations.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting me and my blog

xxxx Coty

Below: Setting up and my Andrew never far away, the things I get him to do.!!

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  1. Wow oh Wow this is amazing! The ideas!!..the colors!! The goldfish!! AMazing! I host a new link up party called Centerpiece Wednesdays and would love to have you link up with your amazing ideas, talent and fun! I have your button on my blog..I really appreciate all you do!

    Stop by!

  2. wow Coty your colour styling is rocking it...pulled together beautifully of course :-)


  3. p.s. meant to say I love the stripey blue bowls reminds me of a Englishy country look a bit in amongst all that colour!

  4. This post makes me smile, Coty! So colorful and playful. I am sure a great time was had by all attending!!


  5. Coty, I think you must work magic. I love the goldfish & the painted sheets, just brilliant!
    Hope all is well with you and daughter. xx's

  6. Hi Coty,
    So pretty, very vibrant and colorful and energetic looking. I love the striped bowls, and the striped yellow and white fabric. A very fun setting which comtributed so much to make it a memorable event.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  7. Coty, What a colorful dinner party, I love the painted fish and all your sailboats, just darling. Everything looks wonderful, you really are blessed with amazing talent!

  8. I can always count on you to bring us ansolutely fabulousness!!!!!!!!

  9. I can't help but think what a wonderful antidote this setting must have been considering the rain outside. I bet it ensured that the party was a huge success despite the downpour. The colours are just so cheerful and happy. God bless your Andrew....what a champion! Meredy xo.

  10. What a very vibrant and happy looking event. I am sure the people enjoyed the table as much as I do.
    Greetings, Johanna

  11. That table is awesome...I can't imagine painting all those water waves, then making all the fish, sailboats and napkins! You chose such fun colors for these great luncheon tables. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The painted blue ocean wave backdrop was fantastic...all the colors no doubt made everyone forget about the weather!!!

  13. Love the colors in this--so bold and cheerful!

  14. Coty, your talent and creative energy seem absolutely limitless! What a bright, shining light in the world you are! This is so different from what you've usually shown us, but equally brilliant in terms of both concept and execution. Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!


  15. The perfect finish..........the sheets painted with fish. What a fun party that must have been as I am sure the setting makes the fun happen! XO

  16. Coty, this is delightful! How could anyone not have fun at that party? You are brilliant, and I love coming to see what you've done. I don't know how you come up with such great ideas, and I sure don't know how in the world you execute the ideas so perfectly! laurie

  17. My first visit what a festive look. It makes
    me feel like making a party. Great post

  18. Just stopping by to say hello and send wishes for a lovely weekend.
    Miss you....
    xo Lisa

  19. This party is just beautiful! After this comment, I am headed straight to the follow button. :) I look forward to getting updates on your blog. I hope you will check my blog out, as well!


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