Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful feelings, a few awards and a 'pink' celebration

Today is the first day in the last couple of weeks that I have been able to sit quietly in front of my computer and my blog.

There are so many wonderful friends that I haven't been able to visit for weeks and I have so much catching up to do. Thank you for all the lovely emails wondering as to where I have been, I know I am a very lucky person to have such caring friends.

I know I have missed a few parties and I have been hopeless in replying to comments. I have been totally lost for words recently.. and I mean totally.

Why? Because I have been spending some time with myself

Hmmmm.... Coty's going mad!! you may be thinking.



I met an amazing woman many, many years ago who once helped me through a difficult time. We lost touch... but I have always known that when the time was right I would find the time to learn more from her again.

To my absolute delight she is now teaching in my home town and I have been absorbed in her wonderful courses and retreats for the last month.

I have always, even as a little girl had a strong connection to my soul and my past lives. I have had many beautiful little spirits visit me through my life with messages and I know my family and friends who have passed on have always been around when I needed them. I have always been a little clairvoyant and have tried to give when ever I can.

I have many friends that understand and who also have similar paths

When I create and style I connect to my soul and somehow the beauty and ideas just flow...... it all just happens.

It is very special.... and it is a wonderful way to work...

It is a gift that I have always treasured

This year I received "The Real Award" from one the most caring and gorgeous girls in this blog world, Julie at Being Ruby, well Julie, I think today I have been pretty real, 'real' about my life and 'real' about my feelings, hmmmm or as Julie says he he..

'This is an award is for those who are brave enough to expose

just enough to reach, touch, and possibly help someone

else to see something differently.

and I pass this award on to

Vicki at Vicki's bit of Earth

for being true to herself

Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie

Who cares for everyone

Linda, Joni and Megan, at The Skirted Round Table

Who say it like it is

and Kathryn at Snippet & Ink

Who talks straight from her heart


A few months ago I received an award from the very flamboyant & stylish blogger
Silvia in Argentina "Casa Bella Decor" and a couple of weeks ago I received the same award from Sharon in France who has the most divine home and blog "My French Country Home" .

The 101 award
to which I am to share ten things that make me happy.

Oh my..... there are so many things that make me happy... many more than ten.

My family, My beautiful & loving Andrew, my son, my daughter. My fantastic friends, my new & beautiful blogger friends, my little home, the birds in my garden, listening to them sing each day, the huge trees that surround me. A full moon (we have one tonight), flowers, f lowers, flowers. My dreams, my work, the seasons, the country area where I live, the angels around me, the conversations I have with friends around the world, the amazing comments that I receive from many of you. Watching my children grow, watching them blossom. Sharing my ideas, my blogs. My heart when it pounds with love when I visit your blogs and your lives. Being a part of this amazing community. Little children's eyes, people that smile............... and so much more........

and I pass this award onto everyone,

everyone needs this award, let's spread happiness everywhere

Have a wonderful weekend xxxx Coty

It's a very pink post today and special 2nd Birthday for a special pink party happening over at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound Blog in the USA.

Happy Birthday Beverly

and some pink tablesettings for

Susan's Un-Birthday at Between Naps on the Porch


  1. Hi Coty, congratulations to the well deserved awards. It's always amazing, what beautifull photos you show - the roses are to die for. And this little fairy girl is so cute and so natural. Like an allegory for a lucky childhood. It was very interesting to read about your deeply thoughts and I am sure, this is what makes your photos so special.
    Greetings, Johanna

  2. Dear Coty
    You are such a sweetheart... thank you for these kinds words, your gorgeous world you share through your work and now.. a little insight into what must be a very special gift!! How wonderful to be so in touch with yourself and the energy around you... we always knew you were special!! Wishing you the most wonderful weekend and full moon bliss!!! xxxx Julie

  3. Coty,
    Each time I stop by it becomes clearer and clearer what I love about blogging!

    I feel a gift has been given to me each and every visit I this place of beauty and inspiration...called "your blog" and always leave here smiling and uplifted!

    I wish we lived closer!

  4. Coty, this is lovely. If anyone understands about needing a little time, I do. So, you just know that you take all the time you need and we are so happy to see you whenever you post...please forgive if I don't visit like I should...I know you understand! Your photos and styling are truly is a gift you have!

  5. Sounds as though you are at a very good place in your life Coty - all power to you. I've missed you, but realize now what you are doing is very important, so can't be selfish. Adorable splash of fresh pink here today, thank you dear.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Hi Coty, Thank you for your kind words. So many awards, so well deserved. These photos are stunning as always, I love your photo collages, you put them together like bunches of flowers!

  7. Coty,
    Visiting you is like a breath of fresh air and makes me want to hop a plane and bring a bottle of champagne and just visit a while. Beautiful images and lovely sentiments.

  8. Hi Coty, I just wanted to say I absolutely love your Blog and your photographs! You are one talented lady! I'm glad I found you (through Vicki's Bit o'Earth) I will be back soon :0)

  9. Hi Coty...I saw you over at Vicki's who I think is well deserved of your Award!!! What a lovely blog you have...I love the Southern Highlands...Dzintra♥x

  10. Dear Coty,
    It's wonderful to hear that you've been spending time doing something that obviously brings you inner peace and spiritual enrichment. I think of you often and consider you as one of my very favorite friends. You're certainly channeling some wonderfully talented "little spirits." It always gives me great joy to stop by and spend time enthralled by your gorgeous styling and spectacular photography.

    Warmest regards,

  11. Happy Pink Saturday to you, dear Coty. But, more importantly, I wish you a happy heart. I love it when you participate with us. And, I love your spirit, your eye for beauty and your sharing heart.

    I have had many experiences throughout my life that sound like the ones you share. I do believe there is much more in life to those whose hearts are open to the experience.

  12. Coty,
    You sound happy, relaxed and content. Just continue to let all the good energy surround you.
    Continue taking good care of Coty!
    Loved the blue post below...thank you for reminding me why it's my favorite color.
    xoxoxo Lisa


Your comments and emails truly make my day a very special one. Thank you for dropping by and visiting me at home in Australia, I read every single comment and I treasure each and every one. xxx Coty