Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Romance in the garden

Is there anyone that hasn't dreamt of spending days relaxing in an old country garden?

The traditional Australian farmhouse was built to last and so were many of the wonderful outbuildings and shelters built in and around the property and gardens, most still sturdy & standing today, like this gorgeous old white gazebo in the garden of an early 1900's home in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands.

The old hand made bricks on the ground are covered in moss and the level is somewhat out. This perfect size garden house sits in the prettiest spot in the garden with views in most directions and it is a delightful place to spend an afternoon with friends.

I used to design the chair covers & other decorative objects for a Event & Wedding company and I think chair covers are just a fantastic item to always have in your cupboard (hanging up of course). I used four white chair covers here and instead of tying a bow I just knotted the back and I bought a couple of bunches of cream Singapore orchids and I added one stem to the back of the each chair and the rest of orchids I placed around the candle inside the hurricane lamps. Also the smell from the gardenia's were beautiful and perfectly positioned in pots around the gazebo. I also stole a couple of pieces of long ivy and just sat it on the table top. That's it, very simple and very romantic. Now what to wear? hmm,

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter

and I hope you have a fabulous time with your friends and family ( please drive carefully )

xxx Coty

Where is that Easter Bunny, can you see him? look everywhere...


  1. Beautiful! Wishing you all the blessings of Easter.

  2. This post paints a magical picture for me. The old 1880's is amazing. It looks new. I couldn't believe it was that old when I first saw the photos... then read your descriptions. And the Birch(?)woods... with its beckoning path... oh so perfect for an Easter egg hunt I think. (: Happy Easter to you too~ xxxVicki

  3. Wishing you and your family a fabulous Easter Coty
    That gazebo is just gorgeous.. would love to spend easter lunch there.. .of course another beautiful post.. xxx Julie

  4. Coty-So many things to look at! I love, of course, the chairs and tulips in the hurricanes. But that beautiful gray bark against the green..gorgeous. What a sweet cherub looking into the feathery nest. I love the contrasts! You almost made me crazy looking for a bunny :) Happy Easter to you and yours. I am never disappointed when I visit you!

  5. oops, Vicki, Andrew has just informed me that this property was probably built in the early 1900's.. not 1880. The house we used to live in at Robertson was built in 1880. I going a little silly in my old age. ha ha

    I was rushing this post to have it ready for Easter, tisk, tisk I should have checked my details first.

    Have a wonderful Easter with that gorgeous granddaughter of yours.

    xx Coty

  6. Bestill my weary heart!!! I'm refreshed the Coty way & graciously grateful for you magic. Between the cake & the white birch forest images your fairy tale photos just did me in.
    Have a glorious Easter & may Cottontail treat you sweetly.

  7. So lovely! A beautiful setting for Easter! Oh, Yes, I think I see him coming through the woods!

  8. Happy Easter, Coty. Your photographs are stunning.

  9. What a beautiful post full of such inspiration.
    Found Mr Bunny:o)

  10. Your photos may my heart sing!!

    Happy spring in US - Happy fall in AU.

  11. Gorgeous meadow under the birches. If I were a bunny, I would be happy there. Happy Easter to you and your family, Coty.

  12. I have been nagging for a gazebo for a long time -- would think I had died and gone to heaven in this one!


  13. Happy Easter to you too Coty! I just love your collages and photos! Such a wonderful gazebo! Have been lurking here for a while......

  14. Great photographs and such an exquisite gazebo -- positively wedding worthy. Hope you'll have time to stop by and see our tables. Happy Easter. -- Jane F.


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