Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seasonal changes

Over the last couple of weeks all trees near power-lines in our town have all been clipped and cut back by our local council and guess who's been running behind the truck collecting all the lovely big branches before the mulch truck comes along.

Always carry secateurs in the car with you, I say! To be able to get some of those fabulous high, green bunches from the top of the tree is such a treat, oak leaves, huge gums, grey gums and many unusual trees that I often look up at and wish I could reach. Foliage is just fantastic for my flower work and I absolutely love having different style flower arrangements in my home.

I have a pair of very heavy solid brass candlesticks and I have used them at many weddings and events over the years. Sometimes I drape them in white roses, sometimes just ivy, in these images above, I wanted a total change. I covered and wired two old wicker lampshades with fresh leaves and Hellebore flowers from my garden and just let them dry naturally over a couple of months. They were so beautiful and the leaves changed into the most amazing colours.

Different seasons brings the ability to show off your home in many ways, now is the time here in Australia as we head into Autumn to start collecting as many different flowers and leaves (hydrangeas, roses etc) before winter arrives. Mould them while they're fresh into many shapes, make wreaths and fill old buckets and tubs with bunches of great stuff and just let them do their thing.

It's actually quite chilly here today in Bowral and I have just put our heater on for the first time in months and I also needed to find some thick socks for my cold little feet. I so love this time of the year.

Thank you very much for the lovely comments from my last post regarding my Aunt Mary. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends in this blog world.

and I have had a bit of a """"SHOCK""" tonight,
my cousin emailed a photograph to me tonight of me when I was in my twenties at his wedding. I have never seen this image before and we had been chatting on the phone regarding our Aunt's funeral this week and for some reason he had his old Album out. Anyway, this was me back then (on the left) and now (hmmmm) on the right. Boy, I'm now feeling quite depressed, what has happened to me, twenty (or so) years later, I hadn't realised how much I had actually changed. I wish I could go back to then, has anyone got any tips, and yes, I know the one about the weight and I'm off to get my eyebrows done tomorrow and try and find that great colour red lipstick that I used to wear every day back then. No one ever told me that your lips loose their shape as well. ha ha .. have a great day, xx Coty