Monday, February 1, 2010

My first photographs taken in 1977

These are the first ever black and white portraits that I photographed with an old Pentax camera when I was just 15 years old. I loved photography and art back then, and I still do and I was so fortunate as my school had the most wonderful Art Department with professional artists teaching photography.

My teacher, who was also a professional photographer and screen printer taught me how to develop my own black and white film and to print my own images.

I just loved it so much and who knew where it would take me. These images marked the very beginning of my career, I took so many more images whilst I was at school and I remember spending most lunch hours in the darkroom printing out my pictures. I can still remember the smell of the photograph chemicals and coming outside with all my wet picture to hang and dry.

This small collection of images I took of my younger sister Caroline modeling around our home. She was the perfect model back then and even then I was "Little Miss Art Director" directing and styling her every move. I dressed her in our Grandmother's hats, used props from around the house and I found these lovely little white linen petticoats in the dress up wardrobe at school. I dressed Caroline in many different outfits that day and I remember telling her what to do for me in front of the camera. It was 33 years ago and I can still remember everything about the day the weather and how excited I was to be creating these images.

Unfortunately many of the other images from this shoot are gone, I wished I had printed them all. These prints are so old now and they are marked with yellow stains & scratches from the years. I have lost the original film so this is all I have left. I found these photographs at Caroline's home a couple of years ago and she had somehow ended up with them after all these years, thank goodness.

and my Grandmother's hat above was the hat that I also wore on my wedding day, see here(something old.....something new..) which we covered in many more daisies and a yellow veil.

I wish you all a wonderful week

xx Coty

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