Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loving memories

Wishing you all a wonderful time this Valentine's weekend

I'm off to join one of my favourite bloggers, the gorgeous Laurie, from Bargain Hunting with Laurie in the U.S.

It's her first ever blog party and there are already 90 guests, come along and join in. I hope to see you there.

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and I dedicate this Valentine's weekend to my beautiful Aunt, Mary who died this week,
I have been told my whole life that I was just like her, I looked like her and I do everything just like her and even today my youngest brother David and my cousins still call me Aunt Mary.
I am very proud to say that I am glad that I'm like her, she was a wonderful and loving woman, a ballet dancer and a incredible mother. This illustration above is of my Aunt Mary whilst she was working in Sydney in the 50's when she was in her 20's. Yes we do look alike, and even our office is similar and I too wear my pearls everyday.
....and if you look closely you will notice that she is reading a fashion magazine (probably Vogue) whilst at work, yes we really were alike.


  1. Coty-I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt Mary. What a wonderful illustration--her style comes through even in that picture. I love your images--that little hand holding the honeybees! I pray your loss is eased by the joy of memories.

  2. I love the memory you have of your dear aunt Mary.I'msorry she has left you and I'm sure she will be watching over you to make sure you continue to do the same things she would do. I love your beautiful blog and I am now following you! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Oh Coty, I'm so sorry about your aunt. She sounds like she was such a lovely person, and I know if you are like her, she was indeed lovely. As always, your photos are beautiful! I'm saying prayers for you and your family. Thank you for joining the party. I know you must have had a hard week, and I really appreciate you posting for the party. laurie

  4. Dear Sweet Coty,
    I'm so very sorry to learn of the passing of your Aunt Mary. My deepest sympathy on your family's loss. It seems you were very close & I know she will on in your memories & in your heart.

    I love it that you wear your pearls everyday! I wear my diamond studs the same....not fully dressed until those are in place.


    I must go investigate just how far you are from our kids in Queensland. They were just here in Ohio at Christmas time.

  5. My condolences to you and your family. This post was a very nice tribute to your Aunt Mary. She sounds like she was a lovely lady.


  6. Dear Coty
    Sorry to hear you lost your Aunt Mary this week.. My mother would have been in her 20's in the 50's. Funny this illustration reminds me of going to the city when I was young! It was sooo fashionable then! Mark Foys! David Jones.. of course now I have to drag myself there for work..

    Love the illustration and love your wonderful memories of your Aunt and her youth!! Well I may get on the party bandwagon yet.. but need to get my act together.. have fun this weekend.. hope you get some nice surprises.. tell hubby I said so!! haha xxx Julie

  7. Such a warm & loving tribute to Mary, what a wonderful life she had. I have an Aunt just like her, so stylish & elegant my Kay. We are both Capricorns so understand each other perfectly. I will be devastated when she's no longer with us, so I truly understand your loss & sadness dear Coty. Warm hugs & loving thoughts to you.
    Millie ^_^

  8. Dearest Coty,

    I´m so sad to hear about your aunt *big hug to you*

    As usual I´m totally stunned by your absolutely magnificent much beauty!

    This post is a perfect tribute to your dear aunt.

    Wishing you a lovely Valentines Day!

  9. Here's to dear Aunt Mary~!

    Good for you in finding the beauty in a life well lived.

  10. Condolences Dear Coty~ Its a good feeling to be like someone so loved, and that will be your treasure. Happy Valentines Day. xxVicki

  11. Sorry to hear about your aunt, but what a lovely story of how connected you are to her. How wonderful to have that beautiful illustration of her, too!


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