Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A beach house with fab colours

I don't usually let many bright colours into my country home, I am very much a black and white gingham or black and white toile style girl, I love surrounding myself with white and natural colours. But spending time at my sister and brother in-laws beach house I found each day quite invigorating living with all the colours in the living room.

It's funny actually, I packed our bags, baskets of beach stuff and food & fruit and threw in some extra things that I thought I might need, a few bright tablecloths and some orange Dahlias, (everyone needs flowers whilst your at the beach) and when I unpacked my things I realised that nearly everything was either orange or yellow. I was surrounded by colours and such beautiful colours too.

This house has wonderful pieces of furniture in all the living rooms and bedrooms, Lloyd Loom woven fibre furniture, sweet little old wicker chairs and a dining table to die for (more on that on a later post). Australian original "Mambo" door shades, great size coffee tables (and yes, this table is very similar to the ones that Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linen gave away late last year).

The rug in the living is fantastic and made from lots of tiny leather off-cuts, it's perfect for a beach house with many little sandy feet running through. There are huge comfortable modern sofas with big cushions and wonderful pieces of interesting artwork hanging on the walls in each room. I think Georgy, Andrew's sister, has done an amazing job decorating this home. A beach house needs to be beautiful and really comfortable and she has definitely achieved that here.

We picked as much fruit from our trees in our country garden to take to the beach, some ripe, so not so ripe and filled this wonderful old wooden grain bowl with peaches and plums. The colours were gorgeous and the fruit was delicious, what wasn't used for munching on was then stewed for breakfast.

and just below: what was I to do, but sit and think, sit and ponder and sit and plan my next year ahead. No, not really I was exhausted after doing this shoot so I flopped in the chair and Andrew snapped me. Hmmmm

This is only a small part of this beach house ( the bedrooms are divine and all white) and it's part of my Summer homes and decorating stories. There's quite a few more boat houses and entertaining ideas to come over the months ahead. I know many of you are still surrounded by snow and I'm sure your starting to plan your summer holidays, why not come over here to Australia, it's a great place to be. Actually, hang on, when you get to Summer we will be in Winter, so why not come on over now.

Welcome to all my guests from Susan's Table scape Thursday party at Between Naps on the Porch, it's a little different style "coffee" table setting this week.

and some new things for 2010

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Have a great week, and thanks for visiting me x Coty