Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spending time with my family

Late last night I arrived home after spending nearly two glorious weeks with my family and friends on a beautiful beach at Pittwater. No Internet, no blogging, no emails, no cars and no shops...........nothing to do but relax

and I loved it,

however I did miss you all and I did think about blogging an awful lot while I walked the beach.

This is where we also had our Christmas lunch with all of Andrew's family at my sister and brother in law's beautiful beach house at Mackerel Beach which is directly opposite Palm Beach at the north end of Sydney. We took everything we needed and more, piled it in the boat and here we stayed watching the world go by each day surrounded by clear beautiful water, boats, and some interesting Aussie animals.

Once you arrive at Mackerel beach you instantly relax, so guess what I spent the many days doing? photographing, photographing everything!!! As you know I love photographing and I have thousands of images to edit, four or five table settings that I set up on the beach and at some of the most gorgeous little beach houses and gardens at Mackerel. I have some lovely interior shots in sweet little old original boat houses and some private beach homes, lots and lots of children shots and more all hopefully to be posted in the next couple of weeks. I had a ball and each day was different to the next. We drank far too many bubbles, caught up with some old school friends and made some new friends as well.

Above: Thomas and cousin Angus on the boat most of the day

But the best part was spending time with my family

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails from my last post, I will reply as soon as I get myself organised. I really wished I had a laptop with me at the beach, however I think it was best that I didn't as I would have missed all the special moments at Mackerel with my family and they would have killed me as well. School starts on Thursday and that's the end of our Summer holidays for this year.

and a special thank you to Lisa Porter at the Lisa Porter Collection Blog who has a wonderful story on her blog about a post I did last year about my friend & artist Susannah Blaxill,

and to Minna Mercke Schmidt from Blomsterverkstad who also has a lovely post about the lunch we had a couple of weeks ago, and yes Minna, I will try and get my book published this year. Are there any publishers out there that want to take me on?

Thanks also to Polkadot Bride for featuring my story last year "A day in the life of a Stylist" in their good holiday reading post

and to Kathryn at Snippet & Ink for adding my 'Black & White Gingham Story to her top favourite posts for the last year.

What a year we are all going to have together, I'm rested, relaxed and ready to go. I have too many ideas to know where to start and many bloggers to catch up with. Let all have fun blogging together and who knows where it will take us.

""""Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies"""""

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Coty