Monday, January 11, 2010


So far, I must say this new year 2010 has been a very good year for me already. I have spent many wonderful long days with my family at home just being together which I adore. We have relaxed and celebrated with relatives here in the country and at the beach. I have finally met my very first blogger friend, Minna Mercke Schmidt yesterday from the wonderful blog Blomsterverkstad in Sweden who came here to my home for lunch with all her family.....I will post on our day together soon. I really hope this will be a year to meet many more of you from this great blogging world that I love being a part of.

Surprise, surprise , I was also contacted by two long lost girl friends from school which was a complete thrill, it's our thirty year school reunion this year and I think we are all thinking about it now, Mmmmmm ....well I actually have been thinking about it for a while, hoping I would shed some weight and look a little younger before it, well guess what ? I have done the total opposite and bloody put it on and I just can't find the old me in the mirror anymore.

I have been nominated for the "Best Costume Designer for a Musical" for the Wizard of Oz production for the Cat Awards, Canberra which will be held in February, what a fun night that will be.

We have all been clearing lots of clutter from cupboards and finally fixed a few things around the house that I have been wanting to do for years and years and years. Basically have just relaxed in my garden & at the beach with many afternoon naps. My mother visited yesterday and commented (whilst at church the other day) about all the bags of clothes that were delivered for the needy, she said, there were bags and bags there. I know Mum! , we dropped them there on Sunday, it's been a couple of years, maybe more since I have gone through the cupboards.

....and I especially want to thank everyone that left me such wonderful wishes and beautiful comments for my last post on Christmas and I do apologise for having it here on my blog for so long, at least I've taken my tree down. I'm still not quite back to blogging yet, as much as I would love to be, we have another couple of weeks of our Summer holidays left before a new school year starts where Thomas finishes his final HSC year and Bec goes into year 10, what a year it will be! We're off to spend some time in the sun at the beach, which will probably be the last time we will all be together, who knows where Thomas will be next Summer.

Drop by and say hi, I'm the one sitting in the shade of the tree at the top of the beach with my ideas book and pencil.

See you soon... x Coty

..................and for some beautiful, inspirational reading this week go to Florali and have a look at Susan's beautiful images. Look at this adorable little girl below, her name is Isabella.

You will need to make a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine before you visit, you will be there for a while. Click here