Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blomsterverkstad - Lunch with Minna

Over a year ago I received an email from my good friend, the very talented and gorgeous Minna Mercke Schmidt from Blomsterverkstad blog in Sweden, saying, Coty, I'm coming to Australia next year to visit my sister and we must get together. I was absolutely thrilled and on Saturday & Sunday we prepared and cooked a special "Summer "lunch for Minna and her family. Her two teenage children, Minna's lovely mother, her sister and brother in law and their gorgeous little baby boy all drove down early Sunday morning from Sydney to our home in the Southern Highlands for lunch.

I'm sure everyone already knows Minna and her blog, I certainly have always loved her work and her beautiful country home in Sweden. As both Minna and I are photographic Stylists we have been communicating for quite a while about our work, our homes and just about life as busy working mums. Minna is a lot younger than me, as you will see in the photos below, and she is just as I had expected her to be, very beautiful and caring and all her family were just delightful. Minna is also the very first blogger that I have ever met in person and now I just want to meet all my special blogging friends, it's fantastic!

It was a really hot & humid summers day here on Sunday so I set the table in our sun room, above Minna and me(I'm the old one in black) It was so hot I had three fans blowing air around the room and all the birds outside seemed to be hiding in their nests throughout the whole day and they didn't come out at all, I was amazed as our garden has been full of birds feasting on our fruit trees all week. It would have been so nice to have all our Australian birds in the trees all day for them to see. Oh well, I put a couple of birds on the table instead along with my two urns filled with vintage flowers.

Preparing the dessert with Thomas and Bec above in the kitchen, luckily Minna had her camera out snapping all day to get most of these photographs, as I was too busy chatting with everyone and there was no time for me this day to take many photographs. The delicious chocolate swirled cheesecake above was made especially for Minna by my friend Vicki, she is so good at making puddings and I asked her if she could make one for us, she's so clever.

Above: Andrew with Minna and her sister,

Minna is just about to launch her first book "Blomstrande Ideer" in March filled with all her beautiful images. Many, many orders have already been taken by her publisher and I can't wait to get my own copy. Work is also underway on her next book as well, click on the book below to go to Minna's blog to get all the details about her new book.

As Minna flies back to the cold weather in Sweden today, I say farewell to my dear friend and how wonderful it was to meet Minna and her family. I know my family all found the day quite a wonderful experience. I really wished we could have spent much more time together as planned so I could show you some of my favourite styling spots. Minna did say she will be back as soon as she can, but as Andrew said over lunch, we are so lucky to have met and become good friends through blogging over the last year and half and we can always keep in touch most weeks through our blogs.

Cheers to blogging & good friends. xx Coty