Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two old "stylish' bowerbirds from Bowral

Silver, white and grey, glorious summer colours.

I'm not sure why I am so attracted to these colours, I always have been, it may be my 'new look' silver grey hair that has arrived in 2009, it may just be the softness of the colours, I think I am also inspired by my Scandinavian blogger friends beautiful white homes that I visit often via their blogs.

I have always loved silver and white, when I was a teenager I loved wearing white in summer with lots of silver jewellery and a silver and white table setting is so serene. Plus, now the weather is warmer it's time for outdoor dinners and entertaining and white is just plain simple & very stylish. I have also had this feeling all week that I want to white wash everything in and outside the house, the walls, the kitchen, the fence and everywhere, a fresh new look for summer.

The Two Bowerbirds from Bowral - There is someone else in town just like me....

I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Vicki and her beautiful garden, I styled this table setting and a few others in Vicki's delightful home a few weeks ago just when her garden walls were massed with flowering Jasmin. I will be posting some more in the next couple of weeks for this Christmas season. Vicki's funny, she is always asking me why I buy so many accoutrement's and table setting objects and sometimes I wonder why myself, but do you know that when I first went to Vicki's home I was shocked as she has many more items than me. Not possible, I thought, yes, it's true, I have found another Bowerbird in Bowral and you will love all her wonderful collections. I do!

.........and by the way, whilst I was quietly setting this table setting in her garden, guess what, there was also a real Bowerbird in her garden watching my every move, as well as all the chooks, dog, cockatiel parrot and other animals that live there. It is a very special garden..

Above: Vicki and her gorgeous daughters, Casey and Erin and some of her chooks

I wish everyone a wonderful festive season, please take care whilst you rush around shopping and getting ready. Enjoy your time with your family and friends. I am visiting all my favourite friends at Susan's party today, we have some major chatting to do with our Christmas decorations for our table settings. Come along too, to Between Naps on the Porch. I plan to set up my Christmas tree and decorate the house over the next couple of days.

So much to do and what fun!! x Coty


  1. What a lovely garden Vicki has! There is something so peaceful about a green and white garden. I would just love to sit in that garden with the two of you and talk about our favorite flowers. I like the little silver leaves tucked into the napkin rings. Have a blessed holiday season with your family!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Carol,

    I wish for you a wonderful holiday season and I would love for you to be with us in Vicki's garden, I know Vicki would too.

    xx Coty

  3. WOW! Eye popping Gorgeous!! Coty, no one takes photos like you. Everything was exquisite!


  4. So lovely to see all of that greenery. We are in the winter browns around here. Just lovely.

  5. Oh so pretty...
    Merry Christmas

  6. Its all so inviting Coty... and I wish I were the Vicki whose garden you were decorating! (: I have been admiring all the beautiful Scandinavian blogs too! I'm so amazed at how the simplicity of white can be so gorgeous and inviting! And here in Vicki's garden, weathered wooden lawn furniture along with all your wonderful styling makes me wish I were down under right now! We are in the deep freeze. xx Vicki

  7. Coty~~~~

    You made a beautiful garden even more beautiful!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!


  8. Nice white! And love the play with birds...real and other.

  9. Coty, I know just what you mean. I am so attracted to this look.

    Your friends garden is gorgeous. I have a "thing" for blooming jasmine. It is absolutely heavenly.

    And, your staging is the best!!!

  10. This is just beautiful! I am envying your green garden, about to head into winter here. Really inspiring work.

  11. Beautiful as always!
    I love those chooks? Their colors are beautiful.
    Please tell me they won't eat them !
    they look so fat and happy.
    You do such wonderful work!!

  12. Vicky's garden is idyllic! it looks so peaceful and relaxing. Oh, and I love that mirror used as a tray. Thank you Coty and Vicky for sharing all of this beauty. laurie

  13. Silver and white is always stunning! Always!

  14. Yay, I could get in. :-) Vicki's garden is beautiful! Love those chooks running around...too funny. Are they friendly?
    Coty, your silver and white tablescape is gorgeous! You are sooo talented...always a delight seeing your beautiful pics!

  15. I may have just spotted the perfect photo to use as background art for a TLPC blog button! I will contact you re. After 7 cold winters here I have decided that I am absolutely a warm-weather girl. Your garden Coty & Vickie's too, just make my heart melt.
    Miss you & send best wishes to you and the family.


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