Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two months of School Holidays - Time to relax and play a little

On Sunday afternoon we arrived home after a full weekend of school activities, concerts, services, carols and the final presentation of awards. We all fell onto the sofa in the sun room and collapsed, ..... that's it, that's it for another year. My two teenagers have finished school for 2009. My lovely time alone at home that I treasure so much is over for a while, I may not get to post on my blog as much, but at least the rush of early mornings and school activities is over and I do love having everyone at home.

Thomas finished school last Thursday and has already been away for three days with ten friends on the Hawkesbury River up north swimming and boating and he has returned home sun burnt and very tired.

Two months of Summer holidays has finally arrived and it's time to relax and play a little. I do love this time of the year, especially the long days, but not the heat. I think my two need to sleep for a week or so to wind down. However Bec has already gone to our workshop today to paint and Thomas is off soon to work in a friends garden. Maybe I will get some time to post, they're not little children anymore.

I photographed these two little girls in a garden nearby with this adorable little cubby house that was built over forty years ago. It hadn't been used for years and years and just sits in the garden locked up.
Treasure the time you have with them now - soon they will be moving on...