Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Surrounding yourself with white

White surroundings, white homes white linen, white flowers..................... pure white

What is about white that I love so much? I grew up in a white house and I still live in one, we were dressed as little girls in white nighties and I still wear lots of white, I adore white linen and white flowers. So this week I have put together some of my very favourite white images from around my home and some of my families homes and also some lovely gardens around the Southern Highlands, places that I love.

White interiors, flowers dusted in white sugar and little children dressed in white cotton shirts and little dresses, white seashells, white weddings, white ribbon and white antique linen. White verandas and white gardens, white roses and white furniture. White washed fences and white gravel driveways, all beautiful and I love it so.

Above: The beautiful Southern Highland's mist rolling in across the lake at Fitzroy Falls, this photograph was given to me by a friend especially for my blog and taken by Vicki Cunningham a couple of weeks ago, thanks Bill.

Thank you for all the amazing comments and emails from my last post, I am constantly amazed by the kindness that I receive from complete strangers around the world. My two teenagers finish school this week for two months 'Summer Holidays' and wow what a busy week it has been, thus my shortage of posts. I still cannot comprehend where this year has gone, it has raced by so fast. I'm joining Susan again this week for her Table scape Party at Between Naps on The Porch, come along and visit too. .


  1. Coty, I am sitting here enjoying your white bliss. No other color makes me as happy and as comfortable as white.

    This post was like a gift. Thank you.

  2. Very elegant, all the white. Beautiful...

  3. Hi Coty
    This is a perfect white post.. Just so beautiful. I adore your photo of the mist over the lake.. gorgeous..

    Well I have been missing everyone's post due to my project implementation and 80hr weeks. Just coming up for air now... I've been wanting to come over and look at your post on your painting [i spotted it on the google reader]. I've long wondered if the gorgeous paintings in your posts were your own.. and now I know.. yes you CAN do everything.. hehe

    Is the first painting in that post flannel flowers? They were 1 of my mum's favourites. She used to make fabric flowers when were were kids and I have always adored them since.

    Take care... you clever girl!! x Julie

  4. What beautiful photos. So elegant, and romantic. You always inspire...hugs ~lynne~

  5. What is it about white...Well, your pictures says it all!

    True magic!
    / Mariette

  6. Coty,
    This post, I will come back and visit often - so serene and wonderfully magic, especially at Christmas for me this year - I'm trying to incorporate more whites into the farmhouse decor this year......

    lovely lovely!!
    have a great weekend.....
    Anne Marie

  7. Coty, I don't know how I missed this post, but I'm glad I've found it now. What beautiful white mosaics. Is the conservatory yours? Those doors are beautiful. I love the way you do white. Everything looks so fresh and so peaceful. laurie


Your comments and emails truly make my day a very special one. Thank you for dropping by and visiting me at home in Australia, I read every single comment and I treasure each and every one. xxx Coty