Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pink Hydrangeas & a little wish

This afternoon we will finally be putting up our Christmas tree and replacing my beautiful pink hydrangeas that I have around the house at the moment with Christmas bling. Hmmm maybe I should mix them together. I have a exhausting afternoon ahead, you see, I have hundreds and hundreds of decorations that I have collected over the years and it is such a big job to bring them down from the attic in our roof and unpack each one and we also have a pretty big tree. My 15 year old daughter actually said to me this week, do you really think we should put the tree up this year Mum, it always takes so long and where are we going to put it?....can't we just get a little tree?

I almost agreed with her, but today after waking early, cleaning my silver and clearing my home of unwanted clutter, I have decided to do it, a little late I know, but I know how nice it will look when it's done and after all it is Christmas time. We will just need to live with less house space for the next month. Santa, please, please I really need a bigger house, you see when you're a collector of everything and live in a small cottage with three others life can get rather awkward. Would it be possible........... could you fit a couple of extra rooms and bigger kitchen in your sleigh and maybe a few extra cupboards? You know me I don't usually ask for much. xxx