Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pink Hydrangeas & a little wish

This afternoon we will finally be putting up our Christmas tree and replacing my beautiful pink hydrangeas that I have around the house at the moment with Christmas bling. Hmmm maybe I should mix them together. I have a exhausting afternoon ahead, you see, I have hundreds and hundreds of decorations that I have collected over the years and it is such a big job to bring them down from the attic in our roof and unpack each one and we also have a pretty big tree. My 15 year old daughter actually said to me this week, do you really think we should put the tree up this year Mum, it always takes so long and where are we going to put it?....can't we just get a little tree?

I almost agreed with her, but today after waking early, cleaning my silver and clearing my home of unwanted clutter, I have decided to do it, a little late I know, but I know how nice it will look when it's done and after all it is Christmas time. We will just need to live with less house space for the next month. Santa, please, please I really need a bigger house, you see when you're a collector of everything and live in a small cottage with three others life can get rather awkward. Would it be possible........... could you fit a couple of extra rooms and bigger kitchen in your sleigh and maybe a few extra cupboards? You know me I don't usually ask for much. xxx


  1. Oh, you are so sweet, Coty! You need to put that tree up. All those decorations are lovely memories! I live in a small home too, but when the house is tidy and the tree is up and twinkling, a fire burning in the fireplace, I feel like there is no better place on earth! And I am sure your little cottage is filled with love too...

    Happy holidays, my friend!


  2. Hi Coty
    I think you NEED to put that tree up to get me in the Christmas spirit. If were not for blogging I don't think I'd have a chance of getting there! Sydney seems very un-christmassie this year [or maybe it is just me]

    Can't wait to see your photos of your tree and all your decorations. I'm sure it will be spectacular!! [no pressure hehe]

    Maybe you will get me inspired to buy a tree this weekend. Have fun xx Julie

  3. Coty, you know these pink hydrangeas speak softly to me. They are beautiful.

    I am looking forward to seeing your home decorated for Christmas.

    And, if Santa is going to deliver larger rooms, I will need to rush and write him a letter. I better bake him some very special cookies.

  4. I have no doubt Santa will bring you all your heart desires in the additional rooms dept. dear Coty! Your pink hydrangeas are glorious - I've 2 small specimens sitting on the window sill over the kitchen sink. It's all my puny little shrub has yielded up this year, so I'm ever so jealous of yours! Happy Chrissie Tree decorating.
    Millie ^_^

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your home decorated for Christmas.

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