Sunday, December 20, 2009

My home at Christmas Time

Well, I'm finished!! My tree is finally twinkling beautifully tonight in my little cottage with beautiful white lights and glass ornaments and my dining table is set for a Christmas lunch. I decided to make things a little easier on myself this year, Thomas, my son got all the decorations down from the attic and I had one look and thought, no, not this year, I just don't have the energy to unpack and unwrap all the decorations, so back up they went. I am in the mood for something simple and serene. I bought a huge basket of vintage crystal chandelier drops a couple of months ago so I washed them all and made some extra cellophane ruffles and put them all over our tree with some pretty glass balls and lights and that's all, and my table, well, I picked a few big bunches of green peppercorns from my tree in the front garden and that was it, I used the extra leaves from the bunches on my white organza cloth to accentuate the hand stitched petals and used my favourite glass plates, glasses and etched lanterns and a few more crystal drops here and there.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family, friends and loved ones and please drive carefully in this Season.

May 2010 be a year of filled with Health and Happiness for you and your family

xxx Coty

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  1. Good ideas and beatiful images.I love your blog

    Merry Chritsmas


  2. How festive, Coty!!! You did better than unpacking those used your God given talent! I so admire you. Love your table. Love the pretty crystal tear drops with cellophane on your tree. Love, love everything! So glad you followed your heart this year!!


  3. Your photos are gorgeous, as always! Love the idea of making a "tree" out of leaves. The crystals were a great find! Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Coty. There is no site on the web that compares to yours. Looking at it each day is like taking in a fresh breath of air on a moutaintop. It fills you up, creates a sense of peace, soothes your eyes with lovlieness and inspires you to create. Every one of your pictures is a work of art standing alone, but the way you montage them lets us get many views of the subjects. Thank you for sharing your work with us in the states. Peggy from PA

  5. Coty, your bent toward simplicity is just gorgeous! I love your tablecloth touched with real leaves, and the celophane and chandelier crystals are just beautiful! Can I borrow some of your creativity! LOL Have a wonderful Christmas holiday season! xx Vicki

  6. oh how beautiful...the addition of fresh leaves under the plates and accentuating the gorgeous tablecloth is just BRILLIANT!!
    happy Christmas to you too!

  7. Absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful.Love the tablecoth love absolutely everything.If that's simple give me more. Have a wonderful creative Xmas.
    Kind Regards
    PS: What is the beautiful picture behind the table I adore that

  8. so beautiful, grn and wht is my favorite way to live~ love your details, always stunning and inspiring here~

    wishing you a very merry christmas.

  9. Hi Coty - your house looks so beautiful and elegant. It's a lovely change from the usual reds and greens. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - I've really enjoyed all your gorgeous images and posts this year. Leigh

  10. Hi Coty
    How beautiful... I sat and looked at this forever last night then forgot to comment.. was distracted by all the beauty!!!

    I wouldn't know where to begin to explain how much I love this.. although Erin has is right about the leaves under the glass plates.. so perfect... i intend to steal this idea one day... and the Christmas tree is truly lovely... i like the simplicity and really the best part is the twinkle!! hehe and lastly... oh my goodness how i would love all those chandelier drops!!!! What I could do with all that 'en masse'

    Wishing you and your family a great Christmas.. although i may see you again before that.. xx Julie

  11. Where do I start and what do I say, to everyone above who left me such beautiful comments, I say thank you. I woke this morning to these comments and they fill me with such joy.

    As I work by myself for most of the week, my ideas come thick and fast and my blog is my little saviour for me to express it all, my family are always stepping over my stuff and having to live with me and my work every day.

    Thanks for all these lovely comments, I am so thrilled that you come to my blog and I hope you continue to visit me next year.

    My plans for this year have not come through as I detoured a little, or should I say a lot off course. Hopefully next year I might stay on track.

    To Karen, the black and white flowers on the wall behind my dining table is a painting that I did about five years ago.

    xx Coty

  12. Coty, it all looks enchanting. I adore the way you placed the leaves on the tablecloth.

    I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays.

  13. Coty,
    wishing you and your family wonderful Christmas and all the best for a New Year.
    Your decorated house is gorgeous.

  14. Bellissimo!
    Buon Natale from Tuscany, Italy

  15. Coty- Sometimes (especially after I visit you) I think my favorite "color" is white. You make it look so peaceful and sound effortless (but the labor is still evident!) Even your scissors are beautiful! I love the tablecloth and the peppercorns. Thank you so much for sharing this at Deck the Halls. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas!

  16. everything looks just beautiful!! merry Christmas!

  17. So glad I found your blog. It is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to explore more of it. Come visit me sometime. Merry Christmas. --Delores

  18. So very lovely. What are those berries that you used. Probably not available around here but such a nice touch in lieu of flowers or greens.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  19. The adjective that comes to mind is "ethereal"...simple but gorgeous...beautiful images!!!

  20. What an incredibly gorgeous blog you have~
    Happy holidays,

  21. I adore your glass on the tree, on the table just everywhere. Why do I like glass so much? mmmmm let me see. Glass reflections outside and inside lighting and changes the original to look like something else. I like to play with how light looks inside and outside. So that must be the reason. Your blog is the loveliest I have ever seen. Happy Holidays from our house to yours.
    Joyce M

  22. Stunning Coty, you have captured the essence of Christmas, every post is inspiring. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. I look forward to visiting in 2010, Kathy

  23. All I can utter is "Beautiful".

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family. Here's my Outdoor Wednesday post.

  24. So beautiful, and such an inspiration. Someday I may look at all of my complicated decorations and say the same thing! I truly enjoy seeing your wonderful photographs. Thank you for always sharing the beauty with us! Happy Holidays to you all from Dallas, Texas.

  25. Lovely tablescape! I love how you used the beautiful greens. Just beautiful!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  26. Coty, I sat down with a cup of coffee this Christmas Eve morning and explored more of your blog. What can I say but WOW! Such visual eye candy. All your pictures are just wonderful and so soothing to the eye. It is true, your blog is the best one in the whole world! Could you please write a book? I want it on my coffee table! Merry Christmas! --Delores

  27. Good afternoon Coty, Popping back in to enjoy your beautiful blog once again. Your blog is always full of inspiration. As Delores say lots of visual eye candy...good for the soul!! From our home to yours a Very Merry Christmas.
    hugs ~lynne~
    p.s.If you write a book, I too would love to have it on my coffee table... :-)) as would many others I'm sure.

  28. Oh my, your table is beautiful! You are so talented. I love your tree too, I also use crystals to decorate my tree, I know it takes a good while to get them all on LOL, but it is all worth it. I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  29. Hi Coty - think your table looked serene and beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job. I changed my Christmas decor this year too. Here's to a wonderful 2010 for us! Mel xx (Melsroseplace)

  30. Dear Coty,

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left for me. I hope your Christmas was a joyful one and that the coming year brings you everything wonderful you can imagine. And WHAT an imagination you obviously have!

    Only a world class talent such as yours could create the world of beauty, charm, and serenity you display on your spectacular blog time after time after time. Thank you for the inspiration and, most of all, for your friendship.


  31. Just fantastic Coty! So beautiful! I'm counting days until we meet - would love to visit your beautiful home as well - maybe next time! Hugs!
    Minna :)

  32. Hello Coty! I'm late to wish you merry Christmas, but I'm in time for the new year wishes! Your home looks stunning dressed for festive time!
    A joyful, serene, healthy and creative 2010!
    Big hugs!

  33. Dear Coty,
    How beautiful. I really hope Christmas was beautiful in spirit and compagny like your decorations.
    In a few hours you will celebrate the New Year into 2010. I am up here in the north ( The Netherlands ) and so we will be 10 hours later.
    But...right now my lovely daughter Laura is in Sydney Harbour awaiting the arrival of the new year wich must be splendid over there. She is a backpacker, left here november 3. I mis her a lot but she is doing great and has travelled alraidy so much around your country. If only you could meet, hey...for me it would feel like meeting you.
    I and my family wish you all love and joy in the new year. Be healthy and in good spirit...
    From wintercold over here to summerwarth over to you: Happy New Year.
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  34. Coty, wishing you a happy happy happy new year. I think your new year will start a little earlier then my. But I hope to see you again in 2010!


  35. So beautiful Coty, and I love what you did with the leaves on the table.
    Happy New Year and I look forward to your posts
    in 2010.
    Wishing you all the good in the universe!!

  36. Coty, it is always such a treat to visit and view your GORGEOUS photos and beautiful work!!! I wante to wish you a Happy New Year & Blessings in 2010! ~Cheryl

  37. I wish I lived closer to you Coty so you could style my home! Your home looks just beautiful.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful 2010.
    Given your and you husband's incredible talent I know it will be a stunning year!


  38. Just stopping in for a quick visit. Needing some warmth & sunshine! Always finding it here with you. Will talk soon ok, nursing a bad cold!

  39. Thank you Coty. You remind us to stop and look at the simple beauty around us. My white camillias are blooming right now. When I look at them, I am instantly transported to your home.
    Happiest of New Years! Dottie

  40. Your blog is fantastic and I love your photos!!! Thanks for sharing! Wish you all good for this new year.
    Karin in Sweden

  41. OMG Coty! Your home is so lovely. I love those topiary centerpieces....Christine

  42. What a fantastic christmasdining ! So beautiful! As all your photos! Happy new year! Mari Former Guldkant på livet! My new blog is Nordingården

  43. Beautiful post....

    Happy New Year........

    Warm blessings,

  44. Oh my heavens Coty. Can we see larger pictures of your house. It must be so perfect.


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