Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Southern Highland Country Wedding

I love a Country Wedding

Today I thought I would share a special styling job that I did quite a few years ago, a country wedding on a beautiful property in the Southern Highlands called Eagleroo. I look back now as I see these shots again and remember the amount of work that went into this wedding. Months and months of preparation and planning went into each and every detail. This wedding was different in so many ways, it was for a young couple both from the wedding industry so as I planned the wedding I was also designing many new products for their company at the same time.

It was a large wedding and the location was gorgeous. I think that if your lucky enough to have a beautiful country garden or know someone willing to let you have your wedding at their place, your halfway there. Andrew and I had a small country wedding as well (nothing like this) at my parents country home when they lived on the south coast. It was a beautiful place to have a wedding and guess who did it? Me, silly me!! I actually ran out of time to get myself ready and I was still doing my bouquet when the cars arrived. My parents old property is now owned by fashion designer Collette Dinnigan and I can only imagine all the lovely things she has done to it. I wish my parents still lived there as I would love for my children to have enjoyed it as well, it was very close to the beaches, yet very private, my two were only little when my parents sold it.

A week ago an old friend called to see if I would do her wedding next year and to my delight it will be on another amazing old property in Bowral that I have photographed, it will be a lovely wedding and I look forward to showing you next year.

This wedding also made it to the news in Sydney, it was reported that a stylist in Bowral had taken every single Dahlia from the markets that week for a wedding in the Highlands. I adore Dahlia's, they are quite amazing to hold as well with their long thin stem and huge petals. I also found a local Dahlia grower in Mittagong who picked & delivered the most amazing 'huge' dahlias for me the day before the wedding.

As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to divide this marquee into rooms, an entrance foyer, a dance area with the stage and a dining room, so I used this lovely sheer curtain fabric and glued petals everywhere. The backdrop against one wall I painted as a country garden and the marquee that we choose had clear walls on three sides so we could see out into the garden. I just adore doing country weddings, especially in Spring and Autumn. This was an Autumn wedding and we were very lucky with the weather. The driveway, the rambling garden and all the tall trees had beautiful lighting everywhere and the walkway entrance into the tent was amassed with fairy lights on a wall of black wire that Andrew built. At nightime it looked like it was just sitting in mid air, it was beautiful, ... I will try and find a photograph.

Where do I start, the table settings were very detailed, probably too detailed, each table had a damask cloth underlay, then I sprinkled the petals of dried hydrangeas across the table and laid a white satin edged organza cloth that I had specially made for this wedding across the top. You could see the petals through the fabric which was very beautiful. Then the tables were set with white china. I folded and ironed the damask napkins in the shape of an envelope and tucked the menu card into one side. I placed one Dahlia on each setting which had a tiny organza ribbon holding the name tag and each champagne flute had a leaf wired to the stem. There were around 130 guests so we decided to use long tables instead of round and each chair had a lovely white cotton cushion.

The lighting on each table came from a candle inside these flower lampshades that I made. There were two for each table. I firstly attached green wire to the shade then hot glued fake camelia leaf all over. (seen below) Once they were attached to the long candle sticks I then just popped in many different flowers. I did like that they were very tall and thin so they didn't block any one's view.

The wonderful thing about a country wedding is that everyone wants to come and help. I had quite a few friends that came out to help me put this wedding together on different days and I know they had a great time. It's always the last days when you need lots of helpers, especially with the flowers and the fine details.

I remember the days before the wedding were really hot and we had the flowers under a large pine tree in the garden and it was too hot in the tent for them and the house was just too far away. This is me above fiddling with the final flower details.

Above: Putting all the petals on the screens

Most of the planning and preparation had already been done in my workroom weeks before and it was ready to assemble. This basket of leaves were attached to each of the champagne glasses.

and as the sun set the tent was ready for the bride and groom and all the guests to arrive (including us), it was a beautiful night and we had lots of fun, the next day....we were exhausted!! I will show you the church decorations another day, yes there was more............

Welcome to everyone from Between Naps on the Porch, Susan's Tablescape Thursday party in the USA. Wishing Susan and everyone that makes their way to my blog each week a wonderful Thanksgiving and I do hope you have a special time with your loved ones.
I am so thrilled and honoured as I have also been invited to a very special Thanksgiving dinner at Bill's home at Affordable Accoutrement's in Tennessee. My first ever Thanksgiving dinner, (as we don't celebrate it here in Australia) and I would love to say that I am jumping on a plane right now and heading to the US to join Bill and all his amazing guests, but alas I can only look at his beautiful photographs from afar. You must visit Bill and everyone at this party to see their special table settings this week.