Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little more Clematis and my love for flowers

When I look back over my blog I have realised that most of my posts have revolved around flowers. Even though my background is from Interiors, fashion and entertaining I find that the one connection throughout all my styling and my images over the last 28 years is flowers. Even when I design costumes my ideas come from the shape and colours of flowers.

I just don't know how we would survive in this world without them.

The white Clematis above is in my garden and the flower arrangement I photographed a couple of weeks ago. I found this lovely little old sugar bowl covered in the most wonderful patina and perfect for a vase.

and below, my friend Maria's garden in Burradoo, a garden that comes to life with Clematis everywhere at this time of the year, her tennis court is covered in both white and pink and the archway leading into the court is absolutely glorious.

and one of my favourite blogs to visit in Norway who also loves Clematis is Lisbeth, and her blog
click below and visit her beautiful home and garden.
Wishing you all a happy week xx Coty


  1. How BEAUTIFUL all of your pictures are - truly an inspiration! And I do agree with you, Clematis is lovable! Have a nice day :)

  2. Coty! it's so early in the morning for my heart to skip a beat like that chanel commercial!

    and beautiful photographs.........winter is setting upon the farm now....it's very cold - brown - and windy -
    so your post was sooo enjoyable.......

  3. My neighbor has gorgeous clematis which face my house. I consider it a blessings.

    This is one of my favorite commercials. I love Chanel No 5, and I love Nicole Kidman.

  4. So Beautiful. I had Clematis in California. I loved it. Thanks for the lovely pictures. ~jamilyn

  5. Your clematis shots are absolutely beautiful Coty, xv.


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