Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspired by petals - my paintings & backdrops

Petals, petals, beautiful petals

Petals inspire me to do so many things with my work, especially paint them.

These are some of my paintings that I did about eight years ago. Just mainly decorative backdrops for my work and all inspired from flower petals. Painting backdrops is so much such fun and they are just such a perfect element to add that little extra to the room for a large event. To have a large painting hanging above the "wedding table" or positioned in the entrance makes such a wonderful statement. I once painted an English Garden scene for a large garden wedding on all three walls in a huge marquee, I think it was over 24 metres long. It wasn't that perfect up close, it was o.k. from a distance, and even better from way way back. But it was so much fun to paint and I still have it stored away for another wedding one day.

I have also painted fabric for curtains as seen below at our Farquhar's furniture display at the Tudor House Art Show. Andrew and I had to totally transform a school classroom into our furniture showroom and the only beautiful thing about this room were these two tall double windows. I didn't have the time or the budget to have curtains made so I painted large black scrolls on to twenty metres of canvas and then lined them. They were just what I wanted and very easy to do. We also brought in our own timber polished flooring and covered the walls with a timber roll.

It's so much more easier to paint large canvases than small and also if you stick to one or two colours. I love painting with just white, so I will have all my canvases made up by my darling Andrew in one colour, either a soft tan or black and then only using white and a touch of dark paint I paint away as you can see below in my birds nest painting.

And more petal inspired decorations with fabric

below are some screens and curtaining that I created for a large wedding in Sutton Forest on a lovely old property called 'Eagleroo'.

I wanted to divide the huge tent into sections. One hiding the stage & dance floor from the main dining area and to also make an entrance foyer. It was very, very easy to create, I used a sheer wide curtaining fabric and I cut hundreds of different shaped petals out of white interfacing fabric which I found to be both soft and easy to glue. I then used a can of spray adhesive to attach and once the curtain was hung I just positioned my petals where I wanted them. I had large flowers and little petals everywhere and I overlapped some of the petals as well to give depth.

It looked so beautiful and romantic when the sun came shining through the tent and I especially loved looking through the different layers of the sheer curtains. Oh..the possibilities are endless of what can be done. If I had the time I would have made or painted little long thin flower stems and added maybe a bird or two flying around.

and one more last thing and something a little different................with more interfacing petals I made this costume for Thomas (when he was in primary school) by attaching lots of petals to a white shirt. Thomas was Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter.

Thank you to those who have ticked my questionnaire, it is very interesting to watch the results and I also wanted to thank everyone for not telling me about my terrible spelling mistake on my last post. On the embarrassing!!. Next time please, please let me know, I really won't mind. Have a happy week.. xxx Coty