Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How can I thank you......

A year ago this week I was sitting here in my office pottering away on my blog as usual at home hoping that someone might visit me, I had been blogging for many months before, but no one knew I existed, a bit like Julie from the movie Julie and Julia. I had a few visitors, but not many and most of them I think arrived on my blog by mistake. Until, two wonderful women, whom I adore, in the same week introduced me to all their readers.

Thank you Minna and Shawn

Two women, both incredibly talented and creative,

Minna Mercke Schmidt from Blomsterverkstad blog in Sweden

opened the doors to a whole new world for me. Minna and Shawn are so well known through the blogging world that there is little that I can say that you don't already know, except that they are both kind and caring and they both love to share with others.

They are a must to visit each week.
I was positively overwhelmed and totally amazed, my life changed and I have had thousands and thousands of visitors from them and thus began the beginning of my love affair with blogging and all the amazing women and men that I visit each week. I have had many wonderful friends since promote my blog and I am both thrilled and honoured when I see my work, my images, my link and my button appear on websites around the world.

I am truly grateful and I thank you

Today, is the 11th day of the 11th month and at 11am this morning we remember the fallen.

"Rememberance Day "