Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clematis, Vogue and Kennerton Green

Lovely little Clematis, if only this flower stayed around a little longer, I do so love clematis and I have finally managed to have it growing across my front veranda at the entrance of my house. This is one of my images above in a garden in the Southern Highlands called Kennerton Green and I have photographed many images for the different owners over the years, I also organised this garden for my friend Fashion Editor Tory Collison at Vogue Australia to come and do a fashion shoot just over a year ago, (as you can see the model sitting on the same garden chair under the clematis).

Above: My clematis in my garden growing against an old shed, and a pic from Vogue Australia

Tory called and asked, Coty does this garden have lots of flowers at the moment? yes, they are everywhere and very beautiful I said, you just have to come and see, trust me you will love it... everything about this garden is divine!

I love what Tory and photographer, Richard Bailey have produced, (featured in Vogue Jan 2008) the little old vintage boat that the model is sitting in belongs to a friend of ours and was delivered to the shoot by Andrew on the top of our car.

Above: More of my pink Clematis and another shot from Vogue by Richard Bailey

All these images above I photographed for Marylyn Abbott's book "Thoughts on Garden Design" and other garden stories, you will, I'm sure recognise the lovely statue with white rose, I did love photographing her and I always adorned her with the most beautiful roses from the garden, the statue now lives someone else as she was sold at the Auction when Marylyn Abbott sold her garden.

for a real treat you must really must visit another beautiful garden in the Southern Highlands,
Brabourne Farm, Leigh who I'm sure you all know her beautiful blog well, showed us her amazing garden and a few images of her home on the weekend, you must visit her.

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