Monday, November 16, 2009

Clematis and Chalk Hill Farm

As I mentioned on my last post I had come across a couple of very beautiful and creative people that I wanted to share with you, well here is the first one....

It's not every day that I my heart beats so fast that I have to sit down, I do see and work with beautiful things all the time but last week I was left a comment after my Clematis story from a lovely reader Susan from Florali introducing me to an amazing group of incredibly talented people at Chalk Hill Farm,

Author Kaye Heafey and husband Richard Heafey, floral stylist, Ron Morgan, photographer Keith Lewis and garden designer Mary Toomey.

You may all be saying, Coty haven't you heard of these people before, where have you been?

Well, I believe that there is a time and place for everything and that includes discoveries. I may have heard their names whilst talking about flowers or reading magazines, I may have seen their books in bookstores, but today I my heart was opened when I looked at the beauty of this incredible book and garden. It is a book that I want right now, I off to find one today.

I had to show some of these amazing and beautifully styled images. All these images are from Chalk Hill Farm and the book 'A Celebration of Clematis'
Where do I begin, who must come first, the creator, the floral stylist, the photographer or the garden designer. All these people have joined together to create something special and unique based on a flower that I love and adore the Clematis and it works so well.

Just look at the colours of the these divine Clematis flowers....and you can view more on their website below

This book is one that all lovers of Clematis and flowers should have in their bookcases. The colours, the arrangements, the garden, all very beautiful, the perfect Christmas Present.

Thank you Susan at Florali for the wonderful introduction to Chalk Hill Farm, to go to the Chalk Hill Farm website and see more beauty click here

All images are by Keith Lewis and they are all from the book 'A Celebration of Clematis"