Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alluring Lilac....from my garden to the table and all around my home.

I love antique pieces, hand made fabrics and earthy colours around my home. All my tables in my home are places for my special objects and styling a setting. All my tables are used all the time, my large dining table, many side table, coffee tables, my kitchen table and my antique cedar pedestal table here in my living room.

What makes this particular table settings so appealing to me is the mixing of colours, objects, flowers and collections from my home. This gorgeous lilac I picked straight from my garden, unfortunately I am quite allergic to it so I had to handle it very carefully. The first year I gathered as much as possible and I couldn't breath for a week. I love to fill as many different vases, buckets, urns and different things as possible with Lilac as it just works so well in many different shapes, and the nice thing is you can just pop it in and the flower just looks great, but you do need bunches of it. I love the idea of using old objects and unusual vases as my centrepiece.

In my living room I have a antique cedar round table that seats four and we don't use it that much to eat at so I usually have books and lovely objects on it most of the time. It is a nice area to sit and read. I have a very old crewel-work fabric draped over it at the moment, which was an old curtain from an deceased estate. Which I think looks gorgeous and I just adore the mix of soft colours. The table sits in front of my Armoire that Andrew, my husband made. It was a gift from Andrew when we became engaged and I adore it so much. The Armoire is totally hand made and hand carved with two inlaid stars in the panelled doors and made from a light yellow looking timber called Yellow Caribbean Pine and it has never been polished as we decided to just let it age naturally.

"When I set my table, I usually start with the cloth, china and glassware and then decide what I would like in the middle and I love to mix old and new objects together and have more than one centre piece, sometimes many. In this case I had the Lilac in the two little tin urns and some in this adorable little flower girl figurine.

I will often pick bunches of lilac and put it in urns outside as well.

And more lilac in my back sunroom sitting beautifully with my ginger jars.

Welcome to everyone from Table scape Thursday at Susan's home, click here to visit her and many others from many countries around the world joining in on her party.

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