Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alluring Lilac....from my garden to the table and all around my home.

I love antique pieces, hand made fabrics and earthy colours around my home. All my tables in my home are places for my special objects and styling a setting. All my tables are used all the time, my large dining table, many side table, coffee tables, my kitchen table and my antique cedar pedestal table here in my living room.

What makes this particular table settings so appealing to me is the mixing of colours, objects, flowers and collections from my home. This gorgeous lilac I picked straight from my garden, unfortunately I am quite allergic to it so I had to handle it very carefully. The first year I gathered as much as possible and I couldn't breath for a week. I love to fill as many different vases, buckets, urns and different things as possible with Lilac as it just works so well in many different shapes, and the nice thing is you can just pop it in and the flower just looks great, but you do need bunches of it. I love the idea of using old objects and unusual vases as my centrepiece.

In my living room I have a antique cedar round table that seats four and we don't use it that much to eat at so I usually have books and lovely objects on it most of the time. It is a nice area to sit and read. I have a very old crewel-work fabric draped over it at the moment, which was an old curtain from an deceased estate. Which I think looks gorgeous and I just adore the mix of soft colours. The table sits in front of my Armoire that Andrew, my husband made. It was a gift from Andrew when we became engaged and I adore it so much. The Armoire is totally hand made and hand carved with two inlaid stars in the panelled doors and made from a light yellow looking timber called Yellow Caribbean Pine and it has never been polished as we decided to just let it age naturally.

"When I set my table, I usually start with the cloth, china and glassware and then decide what I would like in the middle and I love to mix old and new objects together and have more than one centre piece, sometimes many. In this case I had the Lilac in the two little tin urns and some in this adorable little flower girl figurine.

I will often pick bunches of lilac and put it in urns outside as well.

And more lilac in my back sunroom sitting beautifully with my ginger jars.

Welcome to everyone from Table scape Thursday at Susan's home, click here to visit her and many others from many countries around the world joining in on her party.

Also... If you have minute to spare, I have a questionnaire on my blog (left) today asking why you visit my blog, I have had numerous business meetings this week and I have been asked many times to describe my blog and which category does it fit in to, interiors, weddings, gardens etc. Well, I couldn't answer as you know I cover everything I love, but, they are waiting for my answer. Would you mind ticking a box (or more) and tell me why you visit my blog or just please leave a comment for me. With thanks, xx Coty


  1. The lilacs are soooo they smell as heavenly as they look?

  2. Oh, I can almost smell your beautiful lilacs! They're so pretty on your table. I am amazed your husband built the lovely cabinet. It looks so large and I'll bet you have all kinds of storage in there. Your photos are always so appealing! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Beautiful! Your questionnaire, however, was very difficult (until I got to the bottom and saw "all of the above"). I love anything and everything you do, including your photography and occasionally seeing your husband's furniture, which were not on the list! I also love things about your blog that cannot be put on a list -- the feeling of serenity and the feeling of visiting someone who is amazingly talented in so many areas! laurie

  4. I just love the smell of lilacs...yours are beautiful!

  5. I love lilacs---they were one of my favorite flowers growing up. Now that I have moved to the SOUTHERN Coastal area we don't have any--there are some on the other side of my state. I sooo love their smell. I use all of my tables as well!

  6. Susan, Shelia and Mimi,

    I am totally amazed at how many of you love the smell of Lilac and how lucky you are to be able to put your nose so close. I am so allergic to it that I wear gloves and hat whilst picking it and working with it. I will just admire it from a distance.

    Thanks for dropping by,
    xx Coty

  7. Coty-Beautiful as always, but I can't stop admiring the crewel work on the table--I rarely see that any more. There is something so elegant about it and just knowing the time, effort, and (no doubt) love put into it makes it even lovelier. I am glad you "rescued" it! My answer to the questionaire is "all of the above"!

  8. The lilacs are stunningly beautiful. I wish I had some growing in my garden. The little flower girl figurine is so sweet. What can you tell us about her?
    Enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Great photos! ~ Sarah

  9. Dear Coty,
    First of all I want to thank you so much for visiting my little blog, your visit and comments made my day! And secondly, ARE YOU TRYING TO DRIVE ME CRAZY? Apple blossoms, wisteria, clematis and now these fabulous lilacs! It is enough to make a California girl want to jump on a plane bound for Australia. It is too warm for all but one type of lilac where I live but I buy bunches of cut lilacs every year. Like the other readers, your pictures make my want to put my nose up to the computer screen and take in the wonderful fragrance. Why do I visit your site?
    Very simply, your images touch me very deeply with your beautiful presentation of God's creation and they also make me want to go and do something creative myself- I love that!

  10. Your post has made me so happy Coty, as Lilac was my darling Mum's favourite flower. Your arrangements are just exquisite.

    Thank you sweetie for your fantastic messages this week, they were such fun! I'm having a grumpy day today, lots of discomfort & tons of frustration struggling with all our stairs at home. I have a feeling that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
    Millie ^_^

  11. Lilacs are a favorite of mine and not easy to get around here. I finally have planted my own bush, which is still small but produced a few small blooms this year. I love the smell!


  12. Coty,
    I love everything about your blog. You inspire me.

  13. I love lilac! Your photography is the main reason I visit your blog. Second is the tablescapes

  14. Hi Coty,
    The lilacs themselves, the expressive way you've utilized them in your home, and your always-inspiring photography leave me breathless (and NOT in the allergic way!). I clicked the first three choices in your poll and could have kept clicking, but stopped, assuming you were looking for the primary reasons people visit your blog.

    There wasn't a place to select "engaging personality," or "personal warmth and generosity of spirit," or "professional experience in creative fields," or "always a fun, informative read." All those and more would apply. Visiting your blog is like turning through the pages of a high-end decorating/lifestyles magazine.

    Thank you for inviting us into your home and your life and for sharing your amazingly creative gifts.

    Warmest regards,

  15. Coty,
    I read your blog because it is the most beautifully fantastic blog on the planet! Nothing else compares. It is the first blog I read every day because I need the eye candy to thrill and inspire me. Your photography is beyond fabulous, your talent is outstanding, you love the same things I do, I enjoy your personality and your skill at all you do is just above and beyond. I think you should put all these photos and text into a book and it would sell around the world as a top seller. My dream is to be only a fraction as good as you are at photography and tablescapes. You are just amazing.
    Colleen Martin
    Collierville, Tennessee

  16. Coty,
    You inspire me to get my camera out and take more photos. I used to photograph my home and garden all the time when we lived in socal. The light was soft and came in through old original windows. I have a formal dining room here which we rarely use...mainly because we aren't very formal.. I have many beautiful pine pieces in there and enjoy doing tablescapes to fit my many moods. I am setting the room for Thanksgiving now so the starfish and mother of pearl are being replaced by antlers & greens. I am also preparing for colder temps that are not so good for my mood. Hugs to you...i know you are least you don't have a cast & crutches like Mills...poor dear. I wish we could all pile over there for a cheering-up party. Oh my I am so long here. This is a comment box Lisa!!!xoxoxo


Your comments and emails truly make my day a very special one. Thank you for dropping by and visiting me at home in Australia, I read every single comment and I treasure each and every one. xxx Coty