Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The last buds of spring

In just a few short weeks the trees in the Southern Highlands have changed from flowering blossoms to a gorgeous pale green new leaf. We have beautiful shade again in our gardens and today, well it was very hot and I spent much of the morning under a hat in the garden at my parents home. The last of the spring blossoms are on the trees for only a few more days. So I have been racing around as fast as I can to capture what I can for the year and this also marks the end of my days outside as I tend to live in the cool of the shade of a veranda or indoors as we move into the hotter months of the year.

In my parent's lovely garden is this delicious pink blossom tree above, it only

started flowering a week ago and it is one of the last blossoms

of the season so it was the perfect place to set a table and sit for a while.

So on this hot day, with the breeze blowing lots of seeds in the air from the paddock down below we sat with a chilled glass of lemon & iced water and talked and watched all the cows go by. I'm on diet at the moment so we had a few little wafer thin biscuits, I know, how boring! but with the heat all I really wanted a cold drink.

I love these little ceramic green roses, I use them as tablecloth weights as well, and they always look so pretty on the table. I bought these from Barbara's Store House in Bowral, I will take you on tour to this fantastic home wares store very soon. They have the most wonderful things and they have such a huge following, every woman who visits our town makes a trip straight to their store, you can see many a husband standing at the front doors for hours waiting for their wives to return. I bought all the little birdcages from them for the Debutante Ball and many other things.

It is such a peaceful place and there is something about cows that I love, always have and everyone that comes to visit my parents home relax instantly. Today I found the shedded skin of a brown snake just near the footpath, oh my did I jump, they are very dangerous snakes as well. You should have seen me waving my arms in the air and making lots of noise to keep them away. I do hope I never see them, I do worry especially for Mum when she is in the garden with her washing. But, we are in the country and they start to come out at this time of the year. .

The green urn with the roses and the French green toile cushions on the woven chairs were a gift to Mum a few years ago. I just love a green tablesetting in the garden.

With so many grandchildren my mother has always had a collection of little chairs, each living room through the house caters for the little ones as well. I pick them up quite often at garage sales and drop them off to Mum's house as I just don't have the room anymore in mine.

Thank you for visiting me and my blog and don't forget that it is the two Susan's parties Tablescape Thursday party at Between Naps on the Porch and Outdoors Wednesday at a Southern Day Dreamer today, I'm off to visit some of their creative friends to see what their up to this week, come along too..I'm sure there will be lots of Halloween parties to see.

Oh and I finally have a new blog button with the help from one of Susan's tablescape posts
a couple of weeks ago, it did take me a while to work it out......... thanks Susan
Happy week to all xx Coty

Styling by Coty Farquhar