Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A 19th Century French Boulle table

In our furniture workshop this week are some very beautiful pieces that have arrived for restoration like this 19th Century French Boulle centre table, the brass inlay has lifted off the tortoiseshell base and needs major restoration, I hate to say it, but the owner had it in their conservatory with an air conditioning unit blasting on to it and it has dried out the table and caused the inlay to pop out. I can't wait to see it when Andrew is finished.

The front window of our workshop, Farquhar's Furniture, Bowral with a set of very pretty little French walnut hand woven rattan cane Salon chairs all to be repaired.

My little models dressed in a piano roll of music,
The things I do in my spare time

Look, more of my wood wool in a basket and another little model holding a bundle of bull rush sticks, these were a gift from a gorgeous lady named Susan who comes to our workshop once every fortnight to have lessons with Andrew. She said they are over 20 years old, she dipped them in lacquer when they picked them which has stopped them opening up and falling apart.

Above: One of a set of twelve black leather mid Victorian mahogany chairs made by Andrew for a client in Sydney ready for delivery and some other chairs that have just been upholstered and polished and about to also be delivered.

A very old cedar sideboard that the client has left for me, well Andrew, which means me! far too expensive for them to restore it, which is great as I love it just the way it is, it has perfect patina, perfect for my images and my home, the only problem is I cannot fit it in anyway. The client wanted it stripped back and re-polished to it's original state. Lucky us...... Andrew often is left with furniture that is not wanted by his clients, he often uses parts of the piece to retrieve old timbers and hardware for restoration.

More of the French beauty.............. what a divine piece, we have restored many Boulle pieces over the years and it is always a treat to have them in the workshop. Made in a time when luxury was at it's peak. I love the mounted brass women on the cabriole legs and the face adorned with ribbons. I wonder where the original carvings are, what a wonderful find that would be, hopefully they are still in France in a Furniture museum, imagine if they're still tucked away in an old workshop covered in dust, just like Andrew's old carvings

The masking tape on the top shows where the damage is and this is where Andrew will be working on it, wouldn't it be lovely if this client decided not to go ahead and left this one to our workshop, 'which means me! a ha, Then I really would find room in my home. I will show you images of the finished piece when we're finished.

And then this lovely carving is the centre pedestal of a large round dining table, just glorious, we will be making a new table top for it. Somewhere along the way the top was destroyed and our client has kept the centre, thank goodness!

and finally, I did put an order in last week for this one, but I didn't get one..........this beautiful little hand made table by Andrew with a single drawer and cabriole legs is off to Sydney now to be hand painted in flowers. Andrew made this last week for a decorator, it is solid timber and sprayed with black ready for the artist to paint. Oh my, what a surprise it would be if Andrew was to make an extra for me. Why couldn't he just make a few more, I'm sure you would all like one as well.