Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time for some colour in my life, boy, I need it!!

Spring is here and it's time for some fresh colours.
Time to brighten up my life a little
What a week already, I woke last Friday morning with a terrible pain down the side of my face and wondered what was wrong, the pain was so awful that all I wanted to do was go back to bed. I had a photo shoot booked in the morning and our local Buddhist Monastery had called me to see if I could come out and help them with a garage sale/yard sale. So off I went with a packet of pain killers and helped til late on Friday night. Just some of the things I get asked to do as a stylist or just because I don't know how to say no!! (Things need to change) I came home feeling very sick....
Saturday morning, still in pain, but excited to see that I had over three thousand visitors arrive on my blog from the gorgeous Kathryn at Snippet & Ink. Kathryn mentioned my huge white flowers on her post and wow... Thanks Kathryn.
Still in pain, but now the pain has moved to my tooth, oh dear.....
...then I received a promotional email from a young Events company in Melbourne regarding the Spring Horse Racing Carnival, The Melbourne Cup (which is huge here in Australia) promoting their unique and wonderful styling and their special events packages available for the season. So I decided to look a little further in their email & website to find that they were using (without my permission) many of my styled photographs of my table settings and flowers to promote their own styling look. (I think I will talk more about this in another post), well I was shocked and I have written two emails to this company asking that they remove my images, ........hmmm nothing has been removed yet. All I can say is what a hide!!! What do you think?

P.S. By the way we spell Color, Colour here in Australia, just in case you were wondering

I then spent the rest of the Saturday afternoon in bed popping more pain killers and lying my cheek on a hot water bottle (which unfortunately burnt my face a little) to stop the pain. No sleep at all Saturday night and I was ready to take myself to the hospital.
Sunday morning: Called my Dentist at 7am to leave a message, sort of hoping that he may be at his office, my thinking was a bit distorted with out sleep. Took more pain killers then Andrew and I went off to our workshop and decided to redecorate the showroom. What was I thinking, anyway a successful day, but still in great pain.

Monday morning, drove Bec to school at 8am and got home to a call from my dentist saying come in right now or wait til Thursday for his next appointment. So off I went, yuk, I just hate going to the dentist, always have. He x-rayed my tooth and off he went, into my mouth with all his drills, need I say more. He actually was quite amazed that I had lasted the weekend. He asked me if I was possibly a little run down, WHAT A LITTLE, I said, I haven't stopped for the last five months, but isn't that just the way life is. He called my husband Andrew to come and pick me up and he went out to the car and told Andrew that I had to go home and rest and do NOTHING for a while. Oh yes, ...he, the dentist, has also invited me back for a few more visits over the next six weeks so he can continue on my tooth. Needless to say what that's going to cost!!

I woke today a little better than yesterday, to notice that my beautiful windows and doors that we cleaned only a couple of weeks ago were covered in dust. The Southern Highlands is having the most disgusting dust storm right now, the sky is brown and every one's car and home is completely covered in dirt. My son has taken my car to school today, so I'm also car less, so what do I do, what can I do, the universe is telling me to stop, and I must.
So I felt like I needed a little bit of colour in my life today and here it is.... this post....... I took these interior images in one of my girl friends home, they always make me happy, she has such a nack putting colours together and my other images from my files are just bright and fun.

...and now I'm off to rest again, a bit hard when there is so much to do, but they are the Doctor's, I mean Dentist's orders..
I hope all these images brighten up your day as well. xx Coty