Monday, September 14, 2009

They're not babies anymore

Last week my 17 year old son Thomas got his driving licence and it only seems like yesterday when he was standing on the gate watching over his little baby sister in her pram and taking her for a ride in the trailor on the back of his tractor. Today he has taken one of our cars to school for the first time and he is picking up Rebecca from her school this afternoon.

Safe driving my darling


  1. You have a real gift. Amazing photos. My eldest son will be 13 in Nov. and I'm not sure when that happened...

  2. Coty,
    this is so bitter sweet for this mother! my oldest son, first born, being only 12 -
    the thought of him growing older sometimes is heartbreaking...
    I have to make sure I enjoy every moment.....

  3. We will be there soon...I'm petrified to have them out on these crazy roads. Taylor is almost 18 & everytime we are about to let her take the test, I wake up to the news of another teen lost to a car accident in this town! So instead we sign up for another driving lesson. I can't even imagine her driving her brother somewhere.
    Have your nerves calmed any in the last few weeks? I pray so...
    xo Lisa


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