Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Softest Pinks

There is a lovely old lady in my garden wearing a beautiful pink dress

This week in my garden a beautiful old tree blossoms into a mass of pink colour, the bees come from everywhere and feast on her and can you just imagine what the honey would taste like. People slow down as they pass our front garden. My car is covered for week or two in petals and as I drive off down my road the blossom fly into the air behind me. She is very close to our neighbours garden as well and I really don't think they like her much as leaves her sprinkling of blossoms in Spring and leaves in Autumn. I would never let her go though, she is gorgeous, she is a lovely old lady that has been standing ever so proudly in my front garden for many many years.


  1. What a beautiful old lady-if I were your neighbour I would love her!


  2. As we're entering fall, which I LOVE, this is such a beautiful spring post...gorgeous tree.

  3. You make the most beautiful pictures. All so special in your collages too. I love the pink tree in all its glory. really wonderful
    Have a nice day

  4. What a gorgeous tree. Love the color. Great photos!

  5. What lovely photos. The tree is especiallly beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  6. That tree is absolutely beautiful and I especially love the photo of the blossoms in the ballet slippers. Sometimes I forget that it is spring down there when we are heading into autumn and winter but it is so great to see spring happening there. I'll be sure to watch for warm summer shots in the dead of our cold winter too!

  7. Coty,
    Love the gate peeking through the tree limbs.
    Just beautiful. The prettiest pinks in the whole world come from nature & you capture them so well.
    Happy weekend to the Farquhar family!


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