Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paper flowers - So simple and so easy to make

You may remember in March this year I talked about saving my dead Agapanthus flowers from my garden and storing them away in my garden shed. Well here they are as the stem and centre of my huge paper flowers that I made for the Debutante Ball recently. The stems of the Agapanthus flowers are usually so long and lovely and light to hold and with these tissue paper petals they were the perfect flower for the stage at the Ball.

I needed both height for the incredibly tall gymnasium and something a little bit different at very little cost and.... I needed hundreds of them.

This is an image above and below of the stage in the hall and from this distance the flowers look quite small, but my displays were nearly 10 ft high. I had hundreds of little white cardboard birds glued to my screens and the petals on the paper flowers matched perfectly.

How to Make my Paper & Agapanthus flowers

You firstly need to buy a full ream of tissue paper - any colour you like

Using the full size of the paper cut out the template for the petals cutting about ten or more at the same time with really sharp scissors. Don't throw the off cuts away as I use them as well, they actually make a smaller flower which I think is a much prettier flower.

Pick up one piece of tissue at a time and scrunch together, I used three sheets for each flower and each sheet had four petals. (You can use as many as you like)

Holding all the petals in your hand - wrap around the BASE of the stem of the Agapanthus flower and secure with an elastic band.

Then simply slide the flower petals up the stem...... and that's it, you can make hundreds in a few hours.

I thought right here that I should link to Susan of Between Naps on the Porch's "Metamorphosis Monday." party. To show how I have changed these dried old Agapanthus sticks into some beautiful new flowers for a ball.

With all the left over off cuts you can make many more flowers as seen below

I made many more paper flowers that I tied straight onto string and joined together in mass. These were hung from the ceiling with lots of paper lanterns. Above: A couple of gorgeous dad's helping with the decorations and having lots of fun with my paper flowers just before they went up. I'm so glad to see they were still smiling after what I had just said to them at midnight dressing up the hall. If you guys damage my flowers, watch out!! Oooh Coty, we like being little flowers, one of them said !

I hope you have lots of fun making these paper flowers, remember you can use any colours you like and mix different colours together. xx Coty

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