Monday, September 28, 2009

Old dolls & patchwork quilts

A couple of weeks ago whilst out hunting through second hand shops

I came across these old dolls and patchwork quilts.
(Click on the images above to make them larger)

Do you remember the basket of lovely old vintage ribbons and braids that I received a couple of weeks ago, well they were part of a deceased estate, a collection of someone dear who obviously held on to these precious dolls, patchworks quilts and ribbons for a very long time.

But, someone has thrown them all out the tip, oh my goodness!! It must have been some young kid like a computer geek with absolutely no interest in his Grandmothers things. Honestly who would throw them out? Luckily my great friend Vicki, who runs the Resource Recovery Centre at Moss Vale found and saved them before they were buried forever. Vicki receives lots of wonderful old treasures where she works and thankfully she has started to display some of them in old cabinets for everyone to enjoy. Normally they would be snapped up by an Antique Dealer or probably someone like me and taken home to store along side all my other things.

In this collection is this beautiful little baby doll, her little foot was broken but the piece was still there and two gorgeous very old quilts, one double bed and one cot size. The hours of work and the delicate old fabrics used for each hand sewn patch is amazing and I could feel a strong loving energy coming from all of these, especially the quilts. Don't worry dear owner they are now safe....

Also the same week someone else threw out this unusual collection of hand made dolls, funny little dolls and quite unique. I couldn't resist photographing them, the colours and the details were really interesting. They're not my sort of dolls, but they were really amazing. Vicki has also put all these dolls in the display cabinet for everyone to see and most especially so not to break up this collection. I'm sure these dolls have lived together on a shelf in someones home for a very long time. It would be like just breaking up a family....

Isn't she beautiful....and I think her hair is real..