Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Entertaining through the seasons

More than anything I love table settings, I'm in love with the gathering of family and friends around a beautiful table and the chance in this busy world to be together for a little to celebrate with good home cooked food or maybe just toast and coffee. I love breakfast in bed, lunch in the garden, afternoon teas with the my girl friends and a good home cooked dinner.
Not all on the same day!!

I have had quite a few people asking me lately where do I get my inspiration from and how do I put my tablesettings together. So I have selected some of my table settings (as featured here on my blog this year) that I have styled in many different homes and gardens throughout the seasons to show that I don't really have a particular style and that I am always inspired by the surroundings and how I feel at the time. It's quite simply my own self expression and the mood that I'm in at the time.

Summer Scones: Black and white ginham in my garden

I have been out every day this week trying to capture as much as I can on my camera and styling flowers & table setting before the new buds and blossoms all totally disappear for another year.

As a stylist I have covered many different facets from fashion, interiors and food & wine, as well as working with flowers. But my very favourite form of styling is table settings, I have always loved putting settings together and I especially love the thrill of finding treasures for the table. Every single day I look at the details in my surroundings where ever I may be, and I just get ideas. Hundreds of them, if your ever stuck for an idea, just contact me, I will never have enough time in my life to use them all. In my mind I am constantly creating images. I see everything so clearly and before I start setting my table or styling a photograph, I know exactly what it will look like. You see, I have already been through the design process in my head. Just me, myself and I, it's just the way it's always been!!

Above: A formal setting using grapes in old silver bowls as my display picked by me from a local vineyard. This is not my dining room, but a lovely old Edwardian building in Berrima. I was asked to create a tablesetting in every room to promote local weddings and events.

I would buy a fabulous old bowl or a piece of cutlery before buying clothes. I hunt constantly for interesting old tableware, tables and objects and I love to experiment with different things. I know it is possible to create a fantastic mood with very little. There are always leaves on the trees to pick a bunch and put in a jug, a shaded spot under a tree to set up a table, a log to sit on with a rug thrown near by. My cottage is small, too small for me and all my things, so I often entertain outdoors when the weather is fine, I set up the food on my dining room table and just let everyone freely sit where they feel comfortable around an outdoor table or on a sun chair.

I always try and find the prettiest place to set the table, it may even be the driveway if the blooms are blooming.

A table setting for over 600

A lazy sunday afternoon tea with my parents

a baby girls christening tea party

.....and, one of my very favourite things to do each week is to pop over to the U.S.A (via blogging) to all my like minded table setting friends and join in on Susan's Tablescape Thursday party at Between Naps on the Porch. Come along and join me, it is a special place to be, tiptoeing through every ones dining rooms.