Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Collecting pale blue china & vintage objects


When you bring flowers indoors to your home you surround yourself with such beauty. Today I'm taking some of my favourite soft blue things from inside my home outdoors to be with all the flowers in the garden.

I have been collecting blue and white china for as long as I can remember, but recently I have been picking up a few little plain blue pieces, the softest and palest of blues. I have been keeping all these items in a large basket together and recently I completed this little collection with a teapot that I found last week. All these items are second hand and I didn't pay very much for them at all. I think the most expensive piece was the English Johnson Bros teapot which I paid about $8.00. I started with a milk jug, a blue mohair rug and a little blue girl bookend, only one! That doesn't really bother me as she will always look pretty against some little children's books. Maybe I will find her partner one day, I'm sure it is a little blue boy...

So many beautiful blue flowers are flowering at the moment and as I drive around the Highlands I keep seeing blue, I must be a bit of a bower bird! What am I saying, of course I am. We have some of the prettiest blue cottages here in my town with of course blue flowers in their gardens just like these homes with the blue Hydrangeas. This little hand painted scallop top urn is loosing some of it's paint. I have a pair and they are so fragile, they have the prettiest little flowers and ribbons painted on them. They are definitely on my to do list to fix, or should I say Andrew's to do list since he is the expert antique restorer.

Above is my daughter Rebecca when she was little in her little blue dress and blue bonnet (I just couldn't resist putting her photograph in) The little candle stick statue is so sweet, she has a small crack on her leg and she is wearing a soft blue dress with a little pink hat. She would be just perfect for the top of a one year old Birthday cake as it holds one tiny little candle. Maybe I will still have it when I have grandchildren. I hope I remember !

I love both sides of this blue and white tablecloth and it is so soft to touch and last but not least I think these little books are just gorgeous. I have often thrown books and pads and crayons on the table over the years, they make such lovely decorations and always make for lots of fun at the table. But I would only put blue crayons on this tablesetting and lovely old paper,

you know me .... always the stylist.

Between Naps on the Porch

and welcome to everyone from Susan's Tablescape Thursday party at Between Naps on the Porch. A party worth visiting and seeing some amazing table settings in some very private homes. I off now to see what's new this week.....

an hour later....

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