Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bowral Tulip Time & open gardens

Bowral Tulip Time parade is on here today and we are parading (with hundreds of others) The Wizard of Oz costumes that I designed this year, with the main characters, Dorothy, Lion, Tin Man & the Scarecrow and all the children will be dressed as the poppies which is just perfect for this flower parade. Wish us luck, the wind is howling, it's raining and the dust storm has returned and covered all our flowers and blossoms again. We have all been out early this morning cleaning the gardens before the thousands of tourists arrive.


  1. OH Coty
    Too sad about the dust storm this morning. Again I am covered in it.. but luckily was prepared this time and had all the windows closed. I'm sure the energy and beauty of your parade will outshine this nasty gritty stuff!!

    This post takes me back many years.. A little emotional really. One of my special moments with my mum was spent on a day trip to Bowral Tulip Fesitval. It must of been 1974. I often wonder if it is still held as you mostly hear about Floriade these days. I was only thinking of this trip the other day. Would love to see the photos from this event! x Julie

  2. Lovely post today...hope all goes well..those dust storms have been nasty in your area...again your images inspire!


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