Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Pleasures - Afternoon tea under a blossom tree

Entertaining outside is such a wonderful thing especially at Spring time when so much is changing in the garden. My parents property is not far from my house and we visit often. All the trees going up their driveway looked so pretty and this pink weeping blossom was just perfect on the weekend so we decided to set a table outside with the cows. We brought out some of my Nana's lovely old china and relaxed in the warm sun under the blossoms.
We were all a little weary on Sunday afternoon so a lazy afternoon tea was just what we all needed. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I said I was doing a big spring clean, well I'm still cleaning and tossing and go quite crazy with all this stuff that I have gathered over winter. I had just washed all the dooners and blankets and I brought them out to dry at Mum's place as she gets such a fantastic country breeze across the field.

I love these little metal birds sitting on a ball, I plan to put them on my gate posts one day.

My Mother has always used her pretty vintage tea cups when visitors come to her home, some of them however are just to old and special to use now. I remember as a little girl having to wash them up every Sunday afternoon after our friends and relatives had left. They are so dainty and fragile and just so perfect for a good cup of tea.

Wouldn't it be nice if the blossoms stayed on the trees for a little longer.

This lovely little flower lady vase was also my Nanas, she just looks so pretty on the table.

* * *

I have joined in with Susan's table scape party from Between Naps on the Porch, please visit Susan and her blog and see her table setting.
My daughter Bec, below with her grandparents said.... as she relaxed in the sun on Sunday afternoon,... Mum, you can say that I'm having a Nap on the Table to your friend Susan.
And I'm joining in with the other gorgeous Susan at Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer because this is one of the best times of the year to be outdoors.

We also had the cows coming up to the fence to join us.... and oh, that's me on the end in the pretty hat, ha ha, I wish!!


  1. Coty,

    The blossom tree is absolutely stunning. What a perfect backdrop (umbrella!) for your afternoon tea. Your Mother's china is beautiful and you can tell just how delicate it is through your photos.

    I love the planter with the little girl, so lovely and I like the little statue on the table of the dove sitting on the ball.

    Fall cleaning is over, I think I was doing it bit by bit over the summer just out of boredom, yet also collecting new pieces to display and fun things to work and play with over the winter. Lots of time indoors then!

    I want to than you for the advice on the little wood wool nests. I found the wool!! Now I am set to make 600 nests!! lol! Thanks again, Coty.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!!


  2. What an absolutely breathtaking tea party! I am in love with your grandmother's pretty china. You had a spectacular setting for such a beautiful display. BRAVO!!

  3. This is so lovely! What a setting with those beautiful trees!


  4. Fabulous! the location,setting and photography is spectacular. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Coty, I'm so thrilled to have found your BEAUTIFULLY amazing blog.

    It's breathtaking!

    xo ~m

  6. Oh my goodness...this is so lovely. What a wonderful setting for tea!! Just beautiful...

  7. Stunning -- each week is a document of perfection indeed!

  8. OMG thise trees are just awesome and your tea set up on that table is beautiful girl...wished I was there...May you have a great day...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. This is absolutely stunning! I just LOVE the little flower lady. Happy TT to you!

  10. Just takes your breath away.....How can
    I have pictures like yours?????

    I enjoyed my stop at your blog tonight. There are so many new and fun blogs that I am finding everyday. Hope you will stop by and see my new Christmas blog...
    There is a GREAT giveaway going on now for a Great Ornament Giveaway on Oct 1....all you have to do is leave a comment.....I love finding new blogs and make new blog friends.

  11. Hi Coty,
    A beautiful post about something I really love ... I am always finding people to have over for tea ... :).So couldn't have been a better post to drop by and say thankyou for dropping by my blog.Its wonderful to hear from you.Guess,the designing bug in all of us does make us nutty in a universal sort of way ... but I wouldn't have it any otherway and I am prtty sure neither wold you ... ;)
    Thanks again Coty ... its lovely to see all the blossoms that you capture.

  12. What an incredibly beautiful natural setting you have there!

  13. Hi Coty, I just found your blog via Susan's. I have just been soaking it all in! My goodness your photography is just a feast for the eyes! I'm sure you hear that all the time. I am just so impressed with your work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here. You really make me want to play with my camera much more!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  14. Just Simply lovely, the setting the dishes! So sweet too!

  15. Coty, as always, your posts are beautiful and inspiring. A perfect table-scape! As your spring moves in, its fall for us. As winter moves in here, I'll be checking for your posts of spring and summer... as I patiently wait for ours to return. Vicki

  16. So lovely...I am wanting Spring...our Fall is just upon us..I will have to whole 6 months until I see the lovely apple blossoms..sigh!

  17. Breath taking!! Thank you so much for this beautiful post. laurie

  18. HI Coty
    Well this is all just beautiful. Like walking into another world. The older I get the more I tire of living in Sydney.. the beauty is being stamped out by concrete McMansions. But here the pace still looks wonderful and your photos are just divine. Have a great week. x Julie

  19. Coty...this is just the most perfect spot to have a nice relaxing tea...just beautiful! The tea set is so special to use it with the people you love the most. Tell Bec I completely understand a good nap and what a wonderful, picturesque place to take one!
    Always a delight to visit your blog...just amazed at the beauty I find each time. :-)


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