Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There are times in everybody's life when you have to just stop......... and smell the roses

I have just returned from a week away in the Northern Territory which is in the middle of Australia with all the family, lots of fun and very exhausting. We slept under the stars each freezing night in swags (a sleeping bag made of canvas that totally covers your whole body) around the camp fire. We drove over 800 miles and climbed some very high mountains. My bones are aching, I can barely bend and I'm sure a very funny sight for anyone to see me get up off the ground in the morning and try to make my way to the nearest bathroom, I mean tree. Yes all very nice when your young and healthy, not so glamorous when your in your late 40s.

All o.k. though as we got up before sunrise so no one could see me with my hair everywhere.

Andrew's amazing sisters organised the trip, we had two four wheel drive trucks, everything was supplied and we cooked on a campfire each day. There were seventeen of us in all. We had a new campsite each night as we drove around the Northern Territory. We walked around Uluru (Ayers Rock) and climbed up and down huge mountains. I lost my breath going up one mountain, I honestly thought I was going to pass out. I came down a steep hill one morning and stopped my fall on what I thought was a rock and it was actually a huge cactus plant. I think I had over fifty very sharp prickles in my hand. I am still finding them today. We all packed too many clothes for the trip, a little embarrassing actually. All I needed to pack was leggings (as it was freezing), jeans, boots, hat and a coat and lots of hand cream. It was fun, but not really a relaxing holiday, something that I did need after all the long months of work with the Wizard of Oz.

Any way, we are back home and with too many messages on my phone from awaiting clients and work, I am back into full swing without a chance to really stop. Today was busy as I started to set up the workshop for my next production - The Debutante Ball for 650 people. I have been out picking blossom branches and loading my car with boxes of stuff. I have two ball gowns to design, one white for a friend and one black for my baby girl Rebecca for the Father Daughter Ball at her school.

The search is on for organza, ostrich feathers and taffeta. I have a mannequin in my living room and every time I walk past it I get a fright as I think someone is standing there. It is still freezing outside, I'm yawning all the time and sadly I have realised that while I have been away so many of my close friends have been sad and had terrible things happened to them.

So tonight my post is to - Just stop and smell the roses.

These roses are for my beautiful friends

Tomorrow is another day.

xxx Coty


  1. please forgive me for not knowing you also were a absolutely inspiring for me....I too love to design clothing....

    may we see some of your designs?? perhaps I'll take a look around here a bit longer to see if I can find them.......

    I too always stop to smell the roses.....

  2. Coty, your roses are fantastic!Hope your friends will be better soon.
    Yes, tomorrow is another day...
    Hugs to you,

  3. Petals upon petals of wishes that your dear friends find a sprinkling of peace to seep into their hearts & that your family sees the rare bloom of your soul needs a bit of TLC & begifts you with a lingering massage.

  4. Coty, I am saddened to read of the trouble for your dear friends. Hopefully life will be smiling on them soon.

    I don't know how you accomplish all you do. You and your talent amaze me. And, I hope you get some much needed rest.

    The roses are exquisite.

  5. Because you are now following me on Twitter, I discovered your absolutely breathtaking Blog. Thank you for letting me share in the beauty of your life. We both have a love of beautiful flowers. What a treat!

  6. You are one busy lady! And so many talents! I love to come here and see what you are doing. Your photographs are fabulous! I can't wait to see the Debutante Ball and the gowns you are designing. laurie


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