Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snow blossoms - come and visit a beautiful winter garden near my home

When it snows in my home town in the Southern Highlands (Australia) it doesn't last very long on the ground. The snow has usually melted by the end of the day, if not before. I would love to share with you some of my favourite winter images of a gorgeous old home and garden not far from where I live built by two of our wonderful friends. A few years ago we had the most wonderful cover of snow across the Southern Highlands and I just had to capture what I could with my camera before it all melted in the sun.

Today has also been particularly cold and icy here at home and we had a huge frost this morning. I have been working all morning editing a story for my blog to find that I had somehow lost the lot...... I would love to blame the computer, but I think it was all my fault, anyway, that's life... so I thought I must do this snow story today instead.

This view across the lake and paddocks on this property looked so beautiful covered in white. I woke early to the snow and grabbed my camera and off I went. The roads were covered in snow and very difficult to drive on. Luckily they were near by. Everything looked so pretty, the green roof was white and every where I looked I was overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of everything, it was silent and serene and I was so lucky to be a part of this little bit of heaven the day it snowed over the highlands.

This would be one of my all time dream homes, white weatherboard, not too overstated, just so comfortable and surrounded by beautiful hills and paddocks in every direction and this home is gorgeous inside as well. Maybe I will have a home like this in my next life ....

Can you believe that the blossom was covered with snow as well

You can imagine how cold this water was, the poor little fish.

I do apologise for my lack of posts lately, I honestly sit down at my computer hoping to do a story and then get distracted by one thing or another, teenagers on holidays, not to mention the Debutante Ball in less than a month which I am working on, a husband who comes home earlier in winter. Elderly parents who live near by, a couple of ball gowns that I am making, chauffeur to both teenagers, driving instructor to teenager no.1 Thomas who is on his L's and all the other crazy things that happen.... I seem to only have a minute here and there to twitter these days, even then there's no real 'me' time.

Have a wonderful day xxx Coty


  1. Beautiful pictures. You really are on the other side of the world. Have fun and enjoy the snow. I always like it very much!


  2. Amazing photographs again, and yes that home looks like a dream home! It looks so peaceful with the snow and I bet without snow it's even more gorgeous!

  3. wow...your imagery is beautiful! it is hard to believe that somewhere in the world there is snow on the ground, while we are in the midst of a hot summer! thanks for cooling me off. erin

  4. I simply do not have enought time at the moment to enjoy your photography, but will certainly be back later to look at these pictures, for a garden that is aesthetically pleasing in the winter only means the gardens are even more beautiful in the spring/summer.......

  5. Beautiful images, Coty. Makes me actually look forward to winter!!

    I hope your hectic days ease up a need some "me" time!


  6. This quiet and serene gift of beauty must have been uplifting to your soul.

    I don't know how you manage all that you do so beautifully, but I respect it. I am in need of some down time, too.

  7. So tranquil I sense only the wind & nothing more to accompany my thoughts, standing in their garden. Postcard picture perfect but really...what from your artist genius isn't.
    Never apologize for living your life. I feel blessed for you adding a trace of your time to my dashboard.

  8. what a wonderful is so hot here in Texas, these blissfully cold scenes made me feel so much better! xxx kim

  9. Coty,
    Many of us are away, taking a break, tending to family, tending to ourselves, & just tending to life. Some of us are still here & always keeping you in our daily thoughts. Remember this is a very special "season" of life.
    Do what you do best, be a good partner, mother, & friend. Just be Coty!

  10. Your blog is just so beautiful...I could be here for hours looking at all the eye candy! I am now a follwer!


  11. As it blazed an obnoxious 110 again today here in Arizona, I've returned for a chill filled respite.

  12. Beautiful photos, beautiful home, and that scenery is incredible! Thank you for sharing all of this beauty. Try to not wear yourself out. Bloggers will still be here when you get more time. laurie

  13. That is so charming and evocative of a dreamy winter - I hope the house you dream of is given to you in this life :)


  14. LOVING this snowy, wintery photos!!! BTW have you received an invitation to a Lagerfeld party yet? I haven't received one yet... le sigh!

  15. your photographs......truly are wonderful!

    and that location to shoot them is esquisite....yes, a dream home!! with pond, black swan!, weathered wood.......beautiful Coty.

    hope you are doing well~
    Peace and blessings.


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