Saturday, July 11, 2009

Memories of my little flower shop in Sydney....

Flowers are amazing, I am inspired by them constantly.

I owned a little flower shop in Sydney called The Enchanted Florist many years ago, I was not trained as a florist, I just knew what to do with flowers, it was a part of my normal life growing up at home. I use to watch my grandmother arrange flowers and I unpicked many a wired bouquet just to see how it was put together, both from little arrangements and old hats.

Every second morning I would get up at 4 am and head off to the markets. Most of the florists were buying what I call quite ordinary flowers, still beautiful in their own way, but predictable.

I went looking for unusual style flowers each day, foliage, buds and berries and old fashioned flowers. My shop was quite different for that time and of course - very styled. Other florist used to visit my shop often(with their sunglasses on) to compare prices and I could see that they were often very confused as to what I was selling.

My clients were also very different, photographers, art directors, clients from the cosmetic industry and the advertising industry. And women wanting something to remind them of home. There were customers always dropping in just to have a look at what I was doing and collecting some of my new ideas. I didn't mind at all, the next day I would find something else quite extraordinary at the markets that would inspire something else for me to do.

Some of the flowers in the shop I didn't ever sell, I loved them so much they just weren't for sale. How silly is that.....

Ioften think that if I was a fully trained florist, I may not have chosen half the flowers that I did.


These black and white images of mine are of one of my dearest friend's little children playing with flowers in their little country garden. (Happy Birthday Jo)


I am thrilled to be part of Anne Marie's Black and White Sunday event at Na-Da Farm’s for the first time. Anne Marie's images are very beautiful and romantic and she captures beauty in so many ways through her garden, her surroundings and her family.